How to Get Rid of a Sinus Headache Without Spending a Penny

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Every year, millions of people suffer from sinus related problems due to allergies, cold and flu, and changes in the weather. Unfortunately, this often leads to a sinus headache, which can occur at any time of the day, and last for hours at a time. Sinus headaches are particularly painful and it’s not uncommon for them to last days at a time. The severity of headaches vary massively from person to person so you may need to use some of the options below in addition to headache medicine.


One option to get rid of a sinus headache is to visit so you can buy some headache medication. While this works for many people, it’s not always necessary to spend any money, as there are ways you can get rid of a sinus headache without spending a penny, all from the comfort of your own home. Depending on the level of your pain you may want to try these free options before heading for the medicine cabinet.

Here are some ideas for you to try instead of medicine or in-conjunction with it:

Avoid getting a cold or the flu

As mentioned earlier, sinus headaches are often brought on when you have got a cold or the flu. With this in mind, you should take the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of becoming ill.

Try and avoid crowded places during the flu season, and also eat lots of natural foods such as fruit and vegetables to build up your immune system. Flu jabs are very effective and if you are over 60 are recommended by most doctors.

Nasal passages must be kept moist

Ultimately, once your nasal passage becomes very dry, then you can expect a higher risk of developing a sinus headache. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep your nasal passages moist as much as possible, so you can breathe more easy and avoid any major problems.

You can achieve this by placing your head over a bowl of hot water and allowing the steam into your nostrils. Also, invest in a humidifier for your house, and leave it on while you are sleeping at night. In smaller rooms you may want to leave a bowl of water under the bed while you sleep.

Be aware of allergies

If your sinus problems are related to allergies, then you should do everything in your power to avoid situations that could make the situation worse.

For example, many people develop an allergy to cigarette smoke, which means being in a room where people are smoking is not a good idea. Constant exposure to these kind of situations can leave your sinuses blocked and congested, with a sinus headache not far away. If the headache is caused by an allergy you are advised to use pain management tablets quickly.

Steam bath

Lastly, another great way to get rid of a sinus headache without spending a penny is to take a steam bath. The steam produced by the bath will be soothing for your sinuses. Showers also work although a bath works better as most people are happy to remain in the bath longer than they would in the shower. It’s important you keep windows and doors shut and any fans should be switched off to maximize the steam.

Also, drink some herbal tea after you have finished with your bath, to provide even more relief. Then, get a good nights sleep and expect to wake up feeling much better and don’t forget that bowl of water under the bath.

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