How to Revive a Jaded Relationship?

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 How to Revive a Jaded Relationship?At the start of a relationship the sexual sparks are usually flying, the conversation never seems to stop and you agree on so many things. A few years down the line and the sparks are often flying again for all the wrong reasons. It can be all too easy to start taking each other for granted and getting on each other’s nerves. Soon you can almost forget what you ever saw in each other.

Get talking

Communication is the single most important factor in repairing and cementing a relationship. Only through talking to each other can you discover what you are both actually thinking about your current set-up and find ways of improving the situation. Set aside an evening for discussions and make sure that you both have time to speak and be heard without interruptions or arguments.

Get physical

Sex can fall by the wayside in a long-term relationship, but you should both take steps to put it firmly back on the agenda. The physical closeness helps to promote emotional bonding and wellbeing and can put you back on course again. If sex always seems to follow the same pattern and it’s failing to hit the spot, think about ways in which you could spice up your love life a little. Consider introducing some sex toys into the bedroom, or perhaps even try making love outdoors for example. Variety is the spice of life, so make sure you spice it up a little!

Discuss fantasies with your partner and consider incorporating elements into the bedroom. Maybe a little dirty talking will get him in the mood, or for her, perhaps a little fantasy role-play may be what she craves. If that still seems a little too ‘out there’ for your tastes then at least add some scented candles, soft mood lighting and romantic music to make the occasion feel special for you both.

Get away

Sometimes feelings and emotions become dragged down by the daily routine, so set about changing the view if nothing else. Book yourselves away for a weekend break and head for the coast, the mountains, a spa break or anywhere else that tempts the pair of you. Make it a rule of the holiday that you will both do your utmost to respect each other’s views and opinions, to ensure that the time away is not spoilt by arguments or recriminations and concentrate on having fun together.

Try out new activities together, whether that means going for a long and bracing walk, or learning to kayak. The keyword is fun – once you are both relaxed and laughing then you will quickly find you start to connect in the way that you used to when you first met.

Try to look beyond the daily grind to see the person you fell in love with and remember that they are still there somewhere. You just have to find a way back to each other.

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