How to take care of your hands in winter

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hand-careSoft hands are an attractive attribute. But with cold temperatures during winter and frequent use of soap can make your skin look cracked rather than healthy hands. If you live in a cold region already, then keeping your hands moisturized is a bigger task for you already. The combination of dry indoor heat and extremely cold outdoors won’t let you keep hands soft and supple. You could also end up getting bleeding knuckles, skin peeling off, and frayed cuticles, etc. for which, just applying a lotion isn’t enough. Which even limits your possibilities of making accessories look good on your hands. With some easy tips and regular care of softening up your skin you can wash away this problem with ease. Try these tips and you’ll always be winter ready.

1. Wash your hands with natural soap.

If you associate soap with dryness then you’ve been using the wrong soaps. A good soap is not supposed to dry out your skin, while also effectively removing the excess oil on the outer surface of your hands. Traditionally, soap was made from fats combined with an alkalizer, but now harsh chemical detergents are added which makes soap more alkaline and harsher on your skin. Avoid such chemical-laden soaps. Choose one that is a vegetable glycerin base or liquid castile soap.

2. Your regular lotion might not be helpful

Most lotions sold in stores is not nourishing. Conventional hand creams and lotions many a times contain a number of hazardous ingredients. These ingredients are designed to help moisturisers & lotions to penetrate the skin. Which means, it makes it easier for every other hazardous chemical swifter access to blood vessels. A lotion is nothing but an emulsion of oil and water, with plenty of awful additives to make it smell and feel nicer. Although it might not be true for some of them, so make sure you check the ingredients. So why not touch base with the source directly? Choose a nourishing oil instead and avoid anything else.

3. Use an exfoliant regularly.

You can remove off the dead skin on your hands with a gentle exfoliant. You can easily find it in most beauty supply and drugstores. If you wish to make one at home, then combine table sugar and olive oil to form a paste, and rub it into your hands for two minutes. Rinse with warm water, and you should be left with hands that are much softer than prior to your scrub.

4. Just use oil.

Many kinds of oil work as great moisturizers. Coconut oil is most popular and widely used. It gets absorbed deeper into the skin, which strengthens tissue to make it look firmer. Other options are grapeseed, jojoba, sweet almond, and olive oil.

5. Moisturize before bed.

Many moisturisers or oil can be greasy which makes it not a viable solution to use frequently or when you are stepping out. You do not want someone to get a sticky patch if he/she accidentally brushes your hand. Instead, apply generously at night, which locks in the moisture. Use cotton gloves before going to sleep. During night, scrub your hands using a handful of brown sugar mixed with sweet almond oil; rub all over your hands to condition and soften. This works wonders!

6. Protect your skin from the harmful elements.

If you’re stay out a lot, or your routine includes traveling then make sure you wear gloves most time of the day to protect your hands from the wind. During summer time, be sure to coat your hands with sunscreen to prevent drying sun damage.

Once you have softer, and healthier looking hands, you will find more reasons to beautify them with accessories, rings and nail styling too. Choose an eternity ring to add value to your slender fingers and your hands will do all the talking. There are a variety of eternity rings available so choose the best!

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