How to use alternative medicine Tongkat Ali

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What is alternative medicine? How is it different from traditional medicine? Basically, it is any type of drug that is not consistent with the scientific principles of Western medicine. Western medicine or Traditional medicine has long been the basis for the treatment of any disease. Something simple colds to more complex type of cancer, Western medicine has an antidote for it. People have confidence in Western medicine to treat their ailments. But in our constant search to improve our well-being, alternative medicine is becoming more popular with people discover its benefits. We’ve all probably heard of someone who cured of their disease because of acupuncture which is a popular form of alternative. Medicine Or those who swear by taking herbal supplements to their long illness was cured. Indeed, alternative medicine has gained roots in some individuals.

Personally I find it more effective than other long term and this more effective immediately and for a short period of time. Do not know what you think. Greetings everyone Using Tongkat Ali, mode use testosterone therapy The primary cause of problems in middle-aged men is the decrease of testosterone. There are many problems, but most men are concerned about their sexual abilities. With Tongkat Ali can regain our normal testosterone level, if we are patient, and a serious attitude towards natural testosterone therapy. This treatment usually means Tongkat Ali of six months.

The normal level of testosterone has dropped for many years. We can not raise it in a moment. In this period, the testosterone level goes up step by step. After a few months you may notice the sexual influence of tongkat ali. The result can be quite dramatic. Tongkat Ali is a natural herb that makes you feel normally. It is like an alternative medicine, which makes you feel you have taken something exceptional. But in a day will go – I feel fine, I have no pain, sleep well, sexual things work, that wonderful life! Over dosage the normal dosage of Tongkat Ali is 2 capsules a day, one in the morning before breakfast and one in the evening before dinner example.

This is sufficient in the long run to restore normal levels of testosterone. If you can not take two times a day (2×1), take 2 capsules only once before breakfast. Sometimes, if you want to encrease your sexual desire, you can take 4 capsules 4 hours before sex. remember Tongkat Ali puts at their testicles to produce testosterone, as they did when I was younger. It is also important to let your body and rest periodically. Cycle could take between two weeks and two months, and the rest of the half of this, but we recommend short stays: – Take 2 capsules a day for two weeks and then week rest period (no).

Repeat this for six months. Treating once six months is complete, take a break of 12 months or longer if you feel. The side effects in people who have never used before Tongkat Ali , may notice some side effects like flushing, headache or upset stomach. These have gone in a few days. The majority of users do not have any of these effects. If you have never used before Tongkat Ali is a good idea to start carefully taking only one capsule a day in first 3 days.

Older people have greater effect of tongkat ali , because that their testosterone levels are lower, and if the side effects are felt, this is more likely in older users. They avoid If you take Tongkat Ali for their pro-libido properties should not combine it with Pygeum and Saw Palmetto, or medicine for the prostate. Three from blocking dihydrotestosterone. Also avoid large amounts of soy products because they contain phytoestrogens that do not go through the binding of testosterone. Nor also is not combined with consumption of large amounts of garlic. A recommendation Men should always take care of themselves as they have a possibility of prostate cancer. In the medical world there are many studies of zinc that protects men. When you are not taking Tongkat Ali (in cycles of rest), take zinc capsules, 15 mg daily. Sold in pharmacies and are fairly inexpensive.

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