Important Tips for New Parents

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If you are a parent of a newborn baby and you are just getting familiar with your baby’s schedule and his or her own needs, it is important to read up on a few tips and tricks that can help you to feel more comfortable and confident while you are still getting acquainted as a parent. Understanding more about your baby’s habits and hourly needs will help you to overcome difficult days and hectic moments when your baby is crying or is seeking out your attention.

Sleep Schedules
Adding a nap into your baby’s daily schedule can actually help him or her to sleep better throughout the night. When you choose to keep your baby up throughout the day in hopes that he or she will rest better, you may ultimately have a more difficult time getting them to sleep. You may also need to deal with your baby waking more during the night if he or she does not get a scheduled nap during the day.

If you are planning to take a trip or even travel on an airplane, it is best to do so while planning your baby’s sleeping schedule around when you plan to be in the air or in the car. Because babies work best on timed schedules, having one in place will help make any travel plans much easier to go through with for any reason.

Feeding Tips
Feeding on a regular schedule will help you to predict when your baby is hungry while also ensuring you are feeding your baby enough. Many babies need to eat every 2 to 4 hours depending on their age, weight and any doctor recommendations. Feeding your baby on a timed schedule can help you predict their moods and when they may need more attention or food than other times as well. When it is time to start switching to solids, vegetables should be the first type of foods introduced, followed by fruits. The more acquainted you get your baby with vegetables and the greens she needs, the more likely she will continue the habit as she grows, helping you to avoid having a picky eater. After getting your baby acquainted with a variety of vegetables, fruits can then also be introduced as the sweet counterpart to the vegetable solids.

Play Time
Having play time each day with your baby is an important part of not only bonding, but also stimulating growth and interaction for your baby simultaneously. By playing basic hand games or even games such as “peekaboo”, you can help your baby grow and explore new functions and possibilities in the world surrounding him.

Skin Care Age
Although it is tempting to take your little one to the beach or out in the sun to share the world with them even as newborns, sunscreen is not recommended if your baby is under the age of 6 months. Instead, keep your baby out of the sun until he or she is old enough to be outdoors and safely protected at the same time.

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