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A lot of people with less than perfect smiles think that they have to go through long and painful Dental treatment to correct the problem but this really isn’t necessary. Even if you have crooked or discoloured teeth, or even chipped or missing ones, you can achieve staggering results using the simple and absolutely painless instaSMILE® method. You don’t even have to go through a dentist to get this done as it can all be done on line with you making your own dental impression and just sending it to us. Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t and here is how it works.

Once you have been through the order process in our online shop we will send a home impression kit at no cost to you. You need to follow our instructions to the letter, ensuring that you give us a good impression of your bite. The kit comes back to us in a medical and postal bag that we have sent to you. On receipt our experts in the dental lab set to work on your clip on veneer and we guarantee to get it back to you within ten days working days. You really will be astonished by the service and glad that you didn’t fork out a great deal more money at the dentist!

So what exactly do you get? Basically it is a perfect fitting full arch set of veneers made from high grade dental material that clips onto and fits over your existing teeth and no one will be able to tell that they are not looking at the real thing. The veneers are so true to life and will fit so well that you will not have any trouble eating, drinking or smiling. This is not like false teeth that can pop out at embarrassing moments – once fitted they will stay in place unless you remove them yourself thanks to our unique clip function. Up to a maximum of ten teeth (to the second pre-molar) – top or bottom – are covered. We leave those uncovered for reasons of comfort and practicality. We also leave the biting surface free enabling you to chew on your food without any problem.

There is no need to worry about them feeling intrusive inside your mouth. The veneers are very strong yet quite slim and the materials used are very hard wearing provided you look after your veneers with a cleaning routine that is explained in the FAQ section on our website at We are certain that you will be thoroughly satisfied with your veneers and that wearing an instaSMILE® product is sure to give you the perfect smile, thus boosting your confidence. No more closed mouth grimaces! Big, beaming, open-mouthed smiles for you from now on, guaranteed!


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