Is Calcium Effective In Making Bones Healthy?

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It is a popular and an old belief that calcium is indeed one of the most essential minerals required for the human body as far as the strength of the bones is concerned. Post and pre- menopausal women are generally recommended by medical experts to take calcium supplements in order to prevent weakening of bones and osteoporosis. However, recently a new research has revealed that the prolonged and the entire theory of consuming calcium supplements for the improvement of bone health is a total myth. Read on to know more about how calcium supplements are not always effective in increasing bone strength.

Calcium is out of the most cornerstone minerals that are already present in the bones. However, this does not imply in any sense that the consumption of calcium supplements would aid in the building of bones. As a matter of fact, the countries across the globe which have the highest rates of consumption of calcium through their diets are in fact out of the countries with the highest rate of noted osteoporosis sufferers and knee surgery.

The popular British Medical Journal recently publishes a complete Meta analysis report according to which it has been clearly as well as experimentally proved that how consuming a greater fraction of calcium are more prone to the risk of heart attack. The study which concluded this basically kept a large number of people in to consideration who only took calcium supplements solely without any kind of other nutrients which further played a significant role in the generation of calcium homeostasis. In accordance with a new research, it was concluded that the calcium nutrient consumed by a human through the dietary food instead of the supplements can actually add to the building of the bones. Therefore, there is actually nothing denying to the fact that consuming calcium through the dietary food is at least one to two percent better than the on the counter calcium supplements.

Calcium can be found in nature in a variety of wide forms. However, not all these existing forms are totally metabolized by the human body. Some of these notable and major forms are namely oyster shell calcium, calcium carbonate, calcium citrate as well as coral calcium. All these forms of calcium are usually not tolerated by human body that well and hence these tend to form small rocks inside the soft body tissues thereby leading to chronic diseases and other severe health problems. Sometimes all these formed stones even tend to interfere with the body structure as well. A Nan bacterium has been used by doctors, physicians as well as medical experts to target the calcium stones formed inside the body. It has been found by expert medical researchers that the nano bacteria tends to form hard and solid shells of calcium phosphate as it combines with the calcium rocks inside the body.

This in turn helps in protecting the human body against the human body immune system. In other words, this can be imagined as a snail trying to protect its body with the help of his hard shell. Basically, such a form of encapsulation provides an efficient as well as an effective hiding spot for parasites, bacteria and other pathogens. However, not treating the calcium deficiency problem at the right time can actually lead to the severe heath problems like the knee surgery. Therefore, it is always recommended to treat calcium deficiency in the human body through dietary calcium sources instead of the over the counter calcium supplements.

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Frenzy Sault has worked as a medical researcher in the International Laboratory of Science. His area of focus was concluding the benefits and disadvantages of knee surgery and the right nutrition for optimum bone health.

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