Loved Ones In Trouble? How to Recognize and Help With Addiction

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Are you under the impression that your loved one is struggling with an addiction? Is the addiction affecting your life in negative ways? Do you find yourself emotionally exhausted and drained from dealing with the person’s problem? Addiction is a condition that affects millions and millions of people across the globe every day. This is a straight-forward guide on how to deal with a loved one that suffers from an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Loved Ones In Trouble- How to Recognize and Help With Addiction

1. Is There An Addiction Present?

You’ll first want to assess whether or not there is a problem with addiction present. There are often telltale signs that a person is struggling that you can use to assess the loved one. People under the grip of addiction often lie, cheat, and steal to get their drug. They will often neglect their life responsibilities to use or get the drug. Addicts will often also have financial problems in relation to the drug abuse. If your loved one ticks any of these boxes, there’s a strong chance they are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

2. Put Your Foot Down

The first step in helping with addiction is putting your foot down. This means ceasing financial support and giving them a place to stay. Doing these things for the addict is just an act of enabling, and it must be stopped at once. Allow the addict to experience life without a cushion of support for obtaining the drug.

3. Avoid Lecturing

Many people that are directly affected by an addict’s choices often think that lecturing or preaching to them about the dangers of what they’re doing will help “get through” to them. However, this practically never works. Addiction does not reason, and it does not listen. The addict has to make the choice for themselves to change; it cannot be made by others.

4. Consider Rehab

Unfortunately, you cannot “love” the addict into a recoverable state. Many people unknowingly assume that simply supporting and being there for the addict will make them feel better, and in some cases, help them get away from their drug of choice. However, addiction is too gripping of a condition to reason with. You might want to consider a drug rehab in Utah to help build the foundation for the addict to gain their life back. Speak with them about the advantages of rehab; give them options.

Overall, you should never bargain or support the addict. They are suffering from a disease that is distorting their perspective, and in reality, you are arguing with the addiction. Instead, take the necessary steps to put your foot down and give them a chance to gain their life back with rehab.

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