More than a Resolution in 2014

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The tradition of a “New Years Resolution” is a long-standing one. People wipe their slates clean and live the lives they have imagined. 2014 is the chance to start fresh. The following principals will help you make and keep better New Year’s Resolutions for 2014.  

Relationships and Contributions

The greatest way to help yourself is to help others. Playing with dogs at a shelter, volunteering with children, or simply helping your neighbor, takes the focus off of you and places it onto those who need your attention. Meaningful relationships cultivate a sense of security and well-being. Allowing yourself to connect with others in a genuine way creates greater happiness. Finding a community group of like-minded people allows you to discover new relationships and possibly, new hobbies. Reaching out to others in clubs, art groups, community groups, or religious groups can help you connect with others while discovering new passions within yourself.

Relaxation and Stress Management Relaxation and Stress Management Finding new hobbies and passions keeps your mind and heart engaged. Participating in recreational actives that you enjoy makes you feel more alive. Taking a painting class, joining a hiking group, or attending theatre productions can create a new zest for life. A good part of hobbies is allowing them to let you relax, and more importantly enjoy your relaxation. Allowing your relaxation time to not only include something that lets your body and mind relax, but stirs your passion for life, is the best way to manage stress.


Taking care of your body is one of the most important ways to cultivate happiness in 2014. Many people use new years resolutions as a time to “get serious” about an exercise plan. For overall healthy living, it is important to embrace life changes that will not only last the first week of January, but will keep you moving for the rest of your life. Find a way to combine your recreation with your exercise. Don’t just start running because you think that’s what you are supposed to do. Take up tennis or dance because you’ve always wanted to. Make the commitment to exercise a commitment to discovering new passions, and your new year’s resolution will become a life-long joy.

Diet and Nutrition

After the holidays, allow yourself grace by understanding that eggnog, cookies, and mashed potatoes are very difficult to say no to. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t crash diet. It is not necessary to try and cleanse a month’s worth of fudge out of your system by drinking lemon juice with cayenne pepper. Start simple. Replace unhealthy foods with better options, like pecans instead of potato chips. Pecans are a wonderful source of protein, but still provide you with that satisfying crunch you want when you’re snacking. Pecans are low in fat, and the fat they do have is a healthy kind that is necessary to maintain a well-balanced diet. Choose a diet that will improve your living as a whole and that you can maintain for life.

This January, don’t make a resolution, make a revolution and live the life you have imagined. Take on that list of changes, and implement them in such a way that you will be excited to carry them out happily until 2015 and beyond.

Linda White is a freelance blogger and writer and an at-home mother of two who enjoys writing and hiking in her spare time.

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