Moving In: 4 Things For Couples To Consider Before Cohabitation

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Just the Two of UsTaking the next step in a relationship by moving in together is so exciting that it is easy to overlook the practical aspects of combining two households into one. There are some basic practicalities that you will need to consider before taking the final steps toward cohabitation. These four things are among the most important to think about and remedy before you pack your boxes and move.


Sharing Space


Whether you are moving into a totally new home or have chosen to keep one party’s existing space, it is vital to make choices about how much space is available for each partner. For instance, will you use your furnishings, or your partner’s furnishings? Everything from how much closet space you will each have to the blankets that you use on your bed can become an argument unless you have made the decisions in advance. If you have things that you don’t have enough space for, but want to keep, one easy option is to rent a local Cordova TN self storage unit to house items that won’t fit into the space you have available.


Living Expenses


Who pays for living expenses can quickly become a point of frustration for partners who are living with someone else for the first time. This is particularly true when one partner has a higher salary than the other. Decide who will pay costs and how things such as going out for dinner will be paid for. Having a firm but flexible plan for paying housing costs will make the transition into living together much smoother. One of the benefits of living together is to determine whether you are financially compatible.


The Little Things


Living together allows you to develop a more intimate relationship with your partner but also allows you to see the real person that isn’t always on their best date night behavior. Expect to notice things like leaving the cap off the toothpaste or a partner who prefers to wear their pajamas all day during the weekend. These things may be surprising to someone who has only seen their new housemate in social situations rather than at home.


Domestic Bliss


A happy home may well be a clean home but that doesn’t mean that you will be able to share all the housework fifty-fifty all of the time. You should consider deciding how to manage and share the chores at home before you move in to set some basic boundaries about how much, and which types of, chores you can take charge of.

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