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It was the morning when we went to attend the gathering for one of my wife’s relatives who was taken to the cemetery for burial purpose. There I had the first experience of observing how fatal a stroke could be. Am I right? I hope all you must agree with me. That day the incident was happened with my mother in-law who was the closest one of the person whom we taken to the cemetery for burial work. She cried also, shouted out of her mental agony for expressing her bondage with the person. I could feel the mental stress when we lost our closest one. But I was not aware of that the effect of that shock could appear as a stroke to my mother in-law. She fell on the ground suddenly and her head was bouncing on the ground like a ball.

She was taken to the hospital quickly and the doctor told us that she lost her vision completely as it was the after effect of the stroke. We all got a tremendous setback on that day. But we didn’t have anything to do as the doctor told us there was no such chance of replacing her eyes and get back her normal vision. The reason was, due that stroke attack the ophthalmic nerves are getting affected and her brain didn’t get the information about the viewing object from her eyes. After some days we got back to her in the home and we found she was staring, her eyeballs are moving but she could not see anything. Like a completely blind person she was walking and did her jobs. We were assisting with her every work but that sudden blindness was getting us disappointed and shocked. As per doctor’s advice we gave her the oral medicines but we knew that these medicines could not bring back her vision again.

After a few days I was offered by one of my friend’s grandfather the suggestion of using NeuroAiD . He told me that this would be the drug which can bring back the vision of my mother in-law. I am not a medical person so I gathered some information about the drug from the web. According to the users of that medicine this is a natural oral medicine for the recovery and rehabilitation of the stroke patients. This medicine is assisting to generate new neurons in the brain and maintain the fresh connections between the brain cells. Before we administered the drug went to the doctor and asked whether it would be safe to give her or not. Doctor approved the drug and we included it as her daily medicine.

After almost five-six weeks it was my mother in-law who discovered the sunlight again. Though it was not so clear but she told us that she could get the colour of sunlight. It was a miracle done by my mother in-law. We all were so happy and excited an after completing almost five and half months she could clearly get our presence and identity even in the night. We really thank to my friend’s grandfather for suggesting us NeuroAiD which did the extra-ordinary results. We hope her full recovery within the coming year as the medicine is still continued.

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