Orthodontics: Paying for Braces

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You may have noticed that your child’s teeth are growing in crooked. Maybe you have had an over bite for years and it’s finally getting to you. No matter what the reason is for considering braces, the cost of them can be a little hard on the eyes at first. However, it is important to get braces when suggested, as the longer you or your children go without treatment, the more likely that the uneven teeth will cause more problems down the road. Don’t let those prices scare you. There are a variety of options for you and your family.


Payment in Full

If you are not hurting for money and have the cash to do so, paying in full is never a bad option. It eliminates the chances of you having to pay interest and it’s one less monthly payment you have to worry about. If you or your children don’t need braces now, they may need them in the future. One way to be able to pay in full is by putting away a little money each month or year for when the time comes for your child to have braces. Not only will you be able to pay the bill all at once, but you also won’t have to dip into any savings or other funds.

Monthly Payments Through Orthodontist

If paying in full isn’t an option for you, the next best option may be to do payments through your orthodontist. Your orthodontist office may require a small amount down, but it usually isn’t something most people wouldn’t be able to handle. You can then set up a payment plan with your orthodontist office to pay a little off each month. Depending on the place you go, you may or may not have to pay a small interest fee. Either way, this is a very affordable option that can often be catered to your specific financial needs.

3rd Party Medical Finance Company

This option may be the least attractive of the three, but it is still a great way for you to pay for braces without assuming all of the financial responsibility at once. This choice takes the responsibility of collecting payments from the doctor so that they can focus on giving you or your family the care they need. A 3rd party will likely require you to apply for their program. After you are accepted, you can pay the orthodontist bill using the card they supply you with. Once you have paid the bill, you can then set up a payment plan with the 3rd party company to pay off that money. The medical finance company will charge you interest, so be aware that the original price of the bill will be higher once you have paid it in full.

No matter which option you choose, they are all great, viable ways for your family to be able to afford the braces that you or your children require. Different options work for different people and their financial needs, so don’t be ashamed about whatever option you choose. Braces are an important investment, so it is imperative that you start planning as soon as possible.

Written by Dr. Darren Wittenberger, an orthodontist in Columbia, MO, and owner of his own practice, Advance Orthodontics. Dr. Wittenberger enjoys sharing his expertise to ensure people can maintain the healthiest teeth possible!


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