Perfect Prevention: The Importance of Early Orthodontics

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Parents today are particularly aware of the importance of maintaining children’s health early. If you start off life with crooked teeth, it doesn’t get any easier or cheaper to fix them later! A particularly smart parenting trend is early orthodontics, as it allows children’s teeth to straighten early so they don’t have to suffer through orthodontics as a teen or adult much later. If you can catch problems early, you can avoid more extensive treatments later in life. Here are some reasons you should consider early orthodontic treatment for your children.

Braces are more fun today.

While early braces were made of wire and metal and tended to stand out, children’s braces and orthodontic spacers can be made of fun elastic colors for different seasons or your child’s favorite colors. This helps children feel like they are more involved in the treatment process, and many kids enjoy the fun of being able to pick out colors rather than being stuck with shiny silver bands on their teeth.

Children can grow used to orthodontics.

Some people think that children are better at handling tooth pain than adults, because they are used to pain from teeth growing in. Children are also quick to learn proper brushing and flossing techniques when they are taught correctly, so they can quickly adapt to procedures like extra brushing to keep their braces clean. Over-the-counter painkillers can take away the edge if orthodontic adjustments hurt. Children are also more resilient than many parents give them credit for, and have some level of pain tolerance that comes from being a young person more used to tripping and falling, bumping into things, and getting into other accidents!

Interceptive treatments can prevent other treatments.

If your dentist sees that there is not enough room in the dental arch, they can use a palate spacer or another dental technique to create room. They may still need to seek out specialist centres like Manhattan Braces at a later stage if they decide they want straighter or more perfect teeth, but you can prevent the worst of dental problems with interceptive treatments. Whether your child’s jaw is not in the right spot or the dental arch isn’t quite big enough, your dentist may be able to help.

Starting children young gives them confidence at an early age.

While braces were once a source of teasing, more children today have them than ever before, so they are becoming more socially acceptable. When your children gets braces at a young age, they may not need to suffer the embarrassment of high school yearbook photos with braces later on. By the time they are adults, they will already have a great smile and the confidence that results from that.

As far as parenting trends go, early orthodontics are one of the better trends. You can help your child avoid later treatments or minimize how many are needed, at the very least. Some dental problems can be prevented or minimized so that fewer, less involved treatments are needed later. Orthodontics are one field where parents should not wait to see what happens!


Robert Anders is a pediatrician in a busy downtown practice. He likes to relax by blogging about the latest pediatric news online.


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