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Generics are copies of innovative medicines whose patents have expired. Its production follows rigorous standards of quality control. By law, can only reach the consumer after passing bioequivalence tests performed on humans (which guarantee that will be absorbed at the same concentration and speed that the reference drug) and pharmaceutical equivalence (ensuring that the composition of the product is identical to the innovator who gave birth).

Online Generic MedicationThanks to these tests, generic drugs are interchangeable. That is, by law, can replace the reference drugs given in prescriptions. The exchange, when the doctor did not prescribe directly the generic, may be recommended by the responsible pharmacist in retail establishments, with absolute safety for the consumer.

The generic drug program was created in Brazil in 1999 with the enactment of Law 9787, formulated with the objective of implementing a consistent policy of aid to accessing drug treatment in the country. The technical criteria for registration of these medicines are similar to those adopted in countries such as Canada and the USA, among other referral centers for public health worldwide.

Priced at least 35% less than brand name drugs, generic drugs are already collaborating for many Brazilians, who were not medicating or had difficulty in continuing to treatments, find a viable and safe to follow the prescriptions correctly.

In Brazil, ANVISA has already registered 431 generic active ingredients, totaling more than 18,585 presentations and approximately 30 therapeutic classes, encompassing the diseases that most frequently affect the Brazilian population and much of the most prevalent chronic diseases.

Anyone used to shopping for prescription medications in the United States knows how much of a hassle it can be. Between the rising costs of popular medications, the long waiting times in line and after placing an order, and the risk of receiving the wrong medication, the whole process simply isn’t worth it. The consumer wants a change and online pharmacies have risen to meet this demand.

Canadian Pharmacy Meds aims to provide international customers with the generic and name brand medications that they need without the difficulty of dealing with a traditional pharmacy. Through rigorous monitoring and regulation, they reliably provide customers with accurate prescriptions in a timely manner at a low cost. In addition to their reliability, the convenience of shopping online makes for a better sense of privacy and discretion. There isn’t any need to feel self-conscious about a medication when there isn’t any face-to-face interaction with a pharmacist.

The difference between a good pharmacy and a great pharmacy lies in the quality of the medication. sells only the best quality while making sure that their customers avoid mismatching medications in their system. This makes for a reliable pharmacy-customer relationship that can be depended on for years.

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