Popular Digital Hearing Aids

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In the recent past, the digital hearing industry has overseen a number of innovative efforts geared towards helping those with hearing difficulties. Unobtrusive innovations such as the hiding of hearing aids in the mouth or having them fixed into the arms of your glasses have overshadowed other options such wearing the hearing aid around the neck. However, the makers of Wear believe that by emphasizing on comfort and aesthetics, it is possible to procure an equally practicable option for today.

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Wear may be easily mistaken for a necklace, but it consists of an integrated high-fidelity analog microphone array that is engineered to accentuate conversations in a noisy environment and filter out the unnecessary noise. Sound is then transmitted to the ears using a pair of 3.5 mm headphones and the operator can control the sound by knob on the gadget.

The technology used on this gadget involves a beam-forming array of 10 directional microphones to generate a 6ft (1.83m) circumference around the operator of the gadget. This is a directional signal technique that is specially formulated to positively manipulate signals at certain angles and negatively with others. This means that sounds that occur within this radius are amplified by the system, while those that occur outside are simply ignored. This improves the audibility of proximate conversations.

Wear is 2 inches (5.1 cm) in diameter, 0.25 inches (0.6 cm) thick. It is light in weight (28 g) and comes with an internal rechargeable battery. The makers of Wear affirm that this gadget ought not to be used in the place of a hearing aid. Rather, it is primarily intended to help the user have more perceptible conversations in noisy environments.

According to its Kickstarter page, the company plans to improve the technology used in Wear and design more sophisticated products in the coming years.

In line with its Kickstarter campaign, a Wear with earbuds, an original case and a recharging unit costs US$ 125 (the early bird level pledge). It can be obtained in black, white or red metal cases. Shipping is projected to commence in June 2014.

Other Popular Digital Hearing Aids

The Beltone digital hearing Aids

Beltone provides low, middle and high range digital hearing aids. Those on a budget can opt for the low and middle range models, such as Access and Mira. One of its most outstanding models is the Linq and Edge, which consists of nine digital channels to help the user hear human conversation better and eliminate background noise.

New & Affordable Hearing Aids

They offer a range of economical and popular digital hearing aids, such as the Artis and the Cielo with some amazing features like digital noise reduction. Models such as the Phoenix and Intuis cost a little more but have additional features including high-tech microcomputers and noise reduction technology. The Centra and Acuris are regarded as the best Siemens models.

The Rexton digital hearing Aids

Rexton manufactures both analog and digital hearing aids. They also categorize their hearing aids in three different levels; the basic, middle and high ranges. The Arena, a basic range model contains standard features at a lesser price, while the Targa model (a mid-range model) contains built-in technologies such as the adaptive and microphone noise reduction to boost its effectiveness. The Calibra is the latest model and is considered to be the best hearing aid by Rexton.

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