Promote Pet Health With A Specialist Diet

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A look at how science pet foods are becoming increasingly popular with owners. The use of scientific pet food diets by those seeking to reduce pet obesity and promote maximum health through diet.

The increase in pet obesity has led to many more pet owners turning to scientifically designed pet food diets, in order to keep their pet in tip top condition. So what is the scale of the pet obesity time bomb? According to research undertaken by pet obesity organisations, up to 53% of adult dogs and 55% of adult cats are overweight or obese. They warn that this may just be the tip of the iceberg. Obesity and weight problems make you pet far more susceptible to health issues, such as arthritis and heart disease. Owners are literally feeding their pets to death. Other problems that arise from pet obesity are lifestyle ones. Dogs need regular exercise and become depressed and demotivated when they are too fat to run around, or even walk to the corner. Cats like to be active too and when they are unable to jump and dart around due to obesity, they are being robbed of their natural behaviours. Interestingly, it has been proved that a dog’s weight correlates to that of their owner, but this is not the case for cats. It is very easy to over feed both our animals and ourselves since food has such a close association with comfort and caregiving. This is where specialist diets, such as the popular Finnish lemmikin ruokinta diet can help.

Pet health

Keeping a balance
Whilst it is understandable that overfeeding of pets can occur, responsible pet owners must take care not to do so. Not only are they endangering their pets, they might find themselves up on a criminal charge. Surprising as it may sound, there have been prosecutions of pet owners for overfeeding their dogs to the point where they have made them ill. The owners of Rusty, a chocolate Labrador whose weight ballooned to 11.5 stone, were so remiss about their dog’s diet that Rusty could not walk more than a few steps and allegedly ‘looked like a seal’. They were prosecuted for animal cruelty and Rusty was put on a strict diet.

The Good News
The good news is that your pet can lose weight, or simply maintain a healthy weight, by being fed on a scientific vet-designed diet. Vet designed pet foods also have a whole host of other health promoting ingredients and address multiple issues, such as natural aging issues, kidney problems or joint pain. By putting your dog or cat’s diet in the hands of professionals, you have the peace of mind of knowing you could not be doing more to maintain your pet’s health. Just as we insist on the best for our children, it’s good to have the option of optimising your pet’s health simply through feeding them every day. Try looking at reputable pet food suppliers, such as Hills Pet, to see the latest science diets pet foods currently available, including the lemmikin ruokinta diet.

Monica is an expert in pet nutrition and advises veterinary practices on new scientific diets. She herself owns four dogs and five cats, all of whom are on Hills Pet scientific diets.

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