Reasons For Getting That Tattoo

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We all either have a tattoo ourselves or know someone who has one. Now that it has become more culturally acceptable to have a tattoo, more and more people are braving the tattoo parlour. For people who do not have a tattoo it is sometimes difficult to understand the reasoning for people to get one. There are in fact several basic reasons that people do.

It was a Mistake:

It is easy, especially in our younger years to do things which we later come to regret. Things that seemed a good idea at the time which in retrospect make us cringe. Many people have made the mistake of going out or on holiday, having a few drinks too many and being talked into visiting the tattoo parlour, or having the name of a loved one added to their body, only to discover they weren’t after all a loved one. In these circumstances the chances of us ending up with something we want to spend the rest of our lives with are remote. Thankfully, we now have tattoo laser removal. It is now relatively easy to perform tattoo removal on those unwanted mistakes. Always seek advice and research your options by talking to professionals such as those at


It Relates to a Loved One:

This does not just relate to people, there are many who have tattoos of pets too. In fact I have heard of people using the ashes of their pets within the tattoo dye so that their pet becomes a permanent part of them. Tattoos are a very personal and long lasting way of keeping a memory and showing a deep love of those lost to us. These tattoos always come with deeply personal stories.

Showing Loyalty to a Cause or Group:

There are several variations that fall into this group. There are military tattoos, which show patriotism and also symbolise powerful feelings of belonging to a group by the owner. Many sailors, whether military or not, have tattoos. You also have religious tattoos, which the owner uses to show allegiance to a certain faith or symbolise their devotion. Tattoos of Jesus or Mary are exceptionally common, more so in some areas than others.

If a tattoo does not fall into one of these categories then it probably just comes into the personal fun category. Very often these are the ones that have had a lot of thought and planning put into them just because they are meaningful to the owner on a specifically personal level. There is always a story behind these.

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