Safe Shisha: The Latest Alternative

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 Safe Shisha: The Latest AlternativeSmoking shisha has been popular amongst Asian and African communities for over 500 years but has come into the mainstream in the UK in the last decade or so. It’s an extremely popular smoking past time, but like with smoking tobacco it has its risks. In fact, a single hour of smoking syrup-flavoured tobacco at a shisha water-pipe has been proven to be even more harmful than smoking 100 cigarettes.

There is an alternative however and this means people can worry less about their favourite past time. Let’s first take a look at the history of shisha.

The History of Shisha

The shisha water pipe is also known as a hookah, narghile or hubble bubble pipe and has been a popular Middle Eastern and Asian tradition for hundreds of years. It originated in India and has been a popular social activity since its inception. The tobacco smoked through the pipe is usually flavoured with fruit sugar syrups which gives its distinct flavour.

Hookah or shisha lounges are common throughout South East Asia and Middle Eastern countries and there are cultures where it’s considered a family activity as well as an alternative to a night out.

The new Alternative

eShish is a development which allows fans of shisha to continue enjoying their favourite past time without risking their health. They’ve become extremely popular with celebrity fans in the form of musicians such as JLS and Kelis.

An eShish actually appears more like a cigarette than a traditional shisha pipe but replicates the flavour and experience very well, with some fans even proclaiming the flavours are improved. The health risks are significantly lessened and can be found in a range of popular flavours including apple, strawberry and peach.

The perks of an eShish have come about as the Smoking Ban, in place in 2006, has stopped people from smoking traditional cigarettes inside night clubs and bars, but eShish cigarettes are fine. They contain no nicotine and considerably less chemicals and therefore users can feel confident that the health risk is reduced significantly.

How they Work

Shisha eCigarettes actually contain no tar, nicotine or tobacco and simulates a standard cigarette with the flavour of shisha. They’re made up of a plastic cartridge which contains the ingredients and the device’s battery – essential for simulating the draw taken when smoking. The battery is activated by a unique pressure sensor which responds to the action of taking a draw from the eShisha.

Where eShisha devices are triumphing is in their ability to provide a flavour-based experience without all the health problems that come with traditional Shisha and they also stand out from the traditional eCigarette market as much of their advertising and branding is based on stopping smoking in the traditional way. Shisha sticks are all about the experience consumers get and they combine flavour with an attractive packaging.

This new phenomenon is an answer to the health concerns traditional shisha promotes and its popularity amongst the rich and famous is an indicator of it soon being a huge hit everywhere.

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