Safety Gear For BMX Bikes

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BMX bikes are small-frame bikes that are often used for competitions, such as jumping, doing tricks or racing. In fact, you can often see these bikes at skate parks, where the riders will use them in bowls and half pipes. This has been a growing sport lately, and it is a great one to get involved in because anyone can learn how to do it; at the same time, it takes an incredible amount of skill and dedication to master it, so it will push you to your limits. It can help you to stay in shape and provide a fun hobby that allows you to enjoy your life completely. However, you do have to have the right gear to stay safe while riding these bikes. Below are some of the things that you may need, depending on what type of riding you want to do.

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1. A helmet.

This is the most important. As with all other bikes, a helmet should be your main piece of protective gear. These are often sleek and light, so they are not going to hold you back or make it harder to ride the bike, but they can literally save your life in a crash. Head injuries are serious because they are much harder to recover from than other injuries, like a broken arm, but a good helmet gives you the security of knowing that you are always safe.


2. Riding gloves.

As you look through sites for gear, you may want to look into riding gloves. These give you better grip on the handlebars and they allow you to ride in comfort, even in cold weather. The biggest contribution, though, is that they protect your palms if you crash. You are instinctively going to break your fall with your hands, and tough gloves make sure that you are none the worse for wear when you get up.


3. Pads for your knees and elbows.

If you have ever gone rollerblading before, you have probably worn similar equipment. These are pads that strap on to your elbows and knees, and they have a plastic shell on the outside and a padded area that goes against your skin. Like the gloves, they protect the areas of your body that strike the ground first if you fall on your bikes. Ideally, you want them to come with elastic straps that never pinch your skin or inhibit your movement.


4. Chest armour.

For those who are going to be riding bikes in competitions, like races, chest armour may also be needed. This is very similar to what is worn by dirt bikers when they race their motorcycles. In some downhill races, a BMX bike could be going almost as fast as a dirt bike. This is exhilarating and great for adrenaline junkies, but it does come with an inherent level of danger. Wearing chest armour may mean that you can get back up off the ground and wave to the crowd after even the worst of your crashes.


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