Shaping Medicine in Today’s Political World of ‘Do Nothing’

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It seems politicians would rather nothing happen with America’s healthcare then do something.


Nursing makes up the largest single profession in American health care. However, despite their prevalence, historically nurses have tended to remained in this industry’s background where they were unable to exert much influence on patient care protocols and health policies as they originally evolved.

However, today this peripheral role is becoming more extinct as nurses are increasingly finding themselves as the main characters in shaping today’s medicine. If you are considering a Masters of Science in Nursing online you may not be aware of how much power and input you have to make a different in today’s political world of do nothing.


Nurses and those studying to become nurses should be aware of how empowered they are by important aspects such as public perception. In an annual survey collected by Gallup, nurses have been consistently ranked among the highest of a list of professions that surveyed Americans view as the most honest and ethical. Often, nurses have ranked even higher than clergy and teachers.


Another Gallup survey found that Americans consider nurses as one of the highest trusted sources of individual health information. A surprising 83% of those polled indicated they had a great or higher than moderate amount of trust in the medical and other health information received from nurses. The lowest ranked were actually the Internet and other media sources.

However, while the American public tends to hold nurses in high esteem, the critical perception of the profession that needs to change is that nurses are more than health care, they are knowledgeable and front line health care workers. To change this, more nurses with a Masters of Science in Nursing online need to pursue reforms and use their expertise to help shape health planning and policy.


The following is a list of some of the top areas where a stronger nurse presence and voice is needed:


  • Shaping medical ethics procedures and policies
  • Improving health care efficiency and reducing overall costs
  • Promoting patient wellness
  • Improving the quality of patient care
  • Reducing medical errors

Consider this: Nurses are the front line medical caregiver for patients. They know more about how to deliver the appropriate and necessary care than any other person within the health care and related political system. This unique perspective gives nurses an insider’s view on where the gaps within the health care system are and how improvements can be best made to improve patient care.


More than any other single profession within the medical care system, nurses are needed to take a larger role in making changing decisions regarding patient care and administrative issues in order to better shape the medical industry in today’s political world of do nothing.

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