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There has been a lot of discussion in the past over whether or not soy drinks have health benefits over other beverages, especially for those going through the menopause .


Whether or not these benefits can be fully substantiated remains to be fully clarified, but there have been hundreds of scientific papers published on the matter one way or another.

In the past soy drinks brands have tried to sell their products almost exclusively on the potential benefits of soya, but now there could be another reason to drink them…taste!

The tastiest way to benefit from soy

If you feel you could benefit from soy, but have been put off in the past by the taste of soy drinks, now might be the time to give it a go because a new soy drinks brand has recently launched in the UK and are promising to put soy milk on the map for its taste, as well as its health benefits.

Vivesoy has been coming out on top in taste tests, when compared to existing UK soy drink brands and they are certainly delivering on their promise to make soy tastier and more exciting with their range, which includes cappuccino, chocolate, vanilla, unsweetened, natural and light varieties.

Furthermore, you can use their drinks just like milk in hot drinks, cereals, custards and even cake or biscuit mixtures – so adding soy to your diet couldn’t be any easier.

Vivesoy drinks are now available in Tesco stores – for more information visit or


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