Successful IVF Treatments For Increasing Pregnancy Chances

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IVF TreatmentsWhen couples want to become parents but struggle to conceive, then a course of IVF (In vitro fertilization) treatment is something that is highly recommended by doctors. Although it isn’t 100% successful, it can increase your chances of becoming pregnant and therefore brings you one step closer to becoming the parent you have always wanted to be.

Should I Get IVF Treatment?

IVF is one of the solutions that couples or single moms will consider when they want to increase their chances of parenthood. IVF is recommended to couples that have troubles with conceiving due to infertility on either side of the couple or have been trying for a baby for a long time without success. Almost one in six couples will experience this difficulty of being unable to conceive.

There are also a range of fertility medications that you can be prescribed by your doctor before embarking on an IVF program as you may find that these work. IVF can also be a very expensive option so you should always try as many options as possible before choosing to go for this type of treatment.

How Can I Help The IVF Process?

To increase the chances of becoming pregnant, you need to encourage the IVF process as much as possible. This is because IVF isn’t always successful so if you can help the treatment along you are more likely to have a successful outcome i.e. the baby that you have always wanted.

Start IVF Soon

There is a 37% success rate for women under the age of 35 which drops gradually as the age of the woman increases. Therefore, try to start as young as possible to increase the likelihood of conception.

Reduce Caffeine

Caffeinated drinks can have a negative effect on women that are trying to conceive, so try to avoid these altogether or dramatically decreasing your intake of caffeine can help your body.

Stay A Healthy Weight

Being overweight can affect your fertility and interrupt the regularity of your ovulation. It is therefore important to stay a healthy weight to improve your chances of conceiving through IVF. Exercising can also help maintain a healthy weight and is another good way of increasing the chances of conception.

Quit Smoking

Smoking has many detrimental effects on your health but it is very infamous for reducing your fertility so if you are serious about IVF then quit smoking straight away.

Eat Well

This is all part of maintaining a healthy weight, so make sure your body is also getting all its necessary nutrients to function properly with a healthy and balanced diet. Avoid alcoholic drinks as well as they can increase the chances of miscarrying.

Take Supplements

Don’t overload your body with all the supplements that you feel like you “should” be taking. All you need is folic acid supplements which can help you conceive as well as also increasing the chances of delivering a healthy baby. The folic acid is the ultimate supplement for preventing spina bifida in your child.

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