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Sometimes in life, you get a curve ball thrown at you. Meaning, things don’t always work out how you planned, or intended for them to be. Sometimes there is a death in the family. Sometimes, financial difficulties are overwhelming. Other times, you feel alone and don’t feel like you can cope with all the stresses of raising a family, especially if you have a child that has a mental disability, concerning behavioral issues, educational performance problems, juvenile justice involvement, developmental disabilities, or other areas of struggle. At Child & Family Support Services (CFSS), we want to help you raise the best child that you can under sometimes no-so-ideal circumstances.

At the center of our vision, working with families is what we do. We want to involve families as much as possible so that you can be an active part of your child’s life throughout the process. We strive to provide positive behavior support services that help children, young adults, and their families live life full of hope, dignity, and fulfillment.

We know that every family is different, and that every child/young adult has different circumstances, and different lengths of healing time, that’s why we are very flexible, and make every effort to provide timely services in your home, and also in your local community. We believe that youth involvement in their community, rather than in an office or in an institutional center, helps them gain self-sustainability through creating a safe environment and by providing them the opportunity to have a voice in the care of their own lives.

Our Beliefs

At the foundation of our services, is the belief that every person needs these things: family culture, preferences, strengths, and community connections.  These are the building blocks for what we call the 5 Pillars of Support. No pillar can be strengthened or weakened without linking back to culture, preferences, strengths, or community connections. The 5 Pillars of Support include:

1-     Hope– Everyone needs something to hope for. Hope is what drives a person to continue doing what they are doing in a positive manner. Whether it’s believing that Santa Claus will come down the chimney on Christmas Eve, or really believing that things will work out in the future, it is a state of being that moves us forward and drives all our decisions.

2-     Relationships– Everyone also needs someone that they can rely on. Having a relationship with one person who believes in us unconditionally, who will be there for us no matter what and won’t ever leave us, is essential to our functioning. We strive to help children build strong relationships with others so that they can contribute to their families, as well as the community.

3-     Physical Well-Being– Researchers are discovering more and more that the link between our physical health and our emotional health has a strong connection. How well feel physically effects the decisions that we make, and so we put an emphasis on helping children take care of their physical health.

4-     Skills– It’s important to anyone to feel like they are good at something and to feel like they are contributing. We believe that it’s important to help our children find something that they are good at, and build on it.

5-     Enjoyable Activities– We deem that having fun is an excellent way to restore balance within a family or a community because it helps with overall physical and emotional health.

With these 5 pillars we build our support system and all our services.




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