Take the Embarrassment out of Incontinence

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Fear of accidental bladder leaks can isolate you from your own world. You might feel alone, but at the end of the day you are not, as there are nearly 10 million women in UK alone facing the problem of incontinence as per the charity Continence Foundation. So next time you feel embarrassed, recognize it as a medical condition being faced by Millions of women and men around you.

8137932b-285c-40a0-91f9-7032188eb025We understand that you think it is embarrassing enough to cut you off your regular life, but you need to realize nothing is bad enough to stop you from living. This is a medical condition, and they are meant to be cured not embarrassed of. Making lifestyle changes like losing weight and unchaining yourself from your smoking habit can make a big difference along with some basic exercises. The most major form of Incontinence is stress incontinence, i.e. when a small amount of urine is leaked in the most generalized scenario like while sneezing or coughing. This is because of the weakening of the Pelvic Floor muscles, which are naturally designed to stop the body from such leakage in any stress full condition but their weakening can lead to such problems. There are several ways to re-strengthen these muscles like regular exercises or drugs or even surgery, but it is best to cure them with exercises. An easy step to take the embarrassment out of the situation in early stages is to use incontinence pads. Click here for more information about them.

  • To reduce the embarrassment, just begin at step one, confront it yourself, and then tell it to your doctor. On an average people, wait 6 to 8 years before getting diagnosed which is just wrong.
  • Diagnose what type of incontinence it is with your doctor, whether it is stress incontinence or urge incontinence and know the reasons causing it, most frequent reasons are Menopause or Childbirth in Women and prostrate problems in men.
  • Doctor’s visit would include general questions, like your symptoms, medication you are on, frequency of accidents. You might then be asked to keep a voiding diary recording the details of your accidents.
  • The doctor would order several tests to check for the cause, and it is perfectly normal for them to do so, so don’t panic on the number of tests and the reasons for what they are, as it is always advised to be sure of the problem at hand before beginning the cure.
  • Start the exercises under a doctor’s supervision, so that you know what you are doing.
  • You may also retain your bladder, and put your bathroom visits on a schedule and it might just work out for you.
  • Men might also face such a problem due to prostrate problems, and the lifestyle changes, exercises and surgery would work the same for them. 

So, the first step is the most important thing in the whole process of going through the stress of Incontinence. Face it as a MEDICAL PROBLEM and not a SOCIAL PROBLEM.

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