The 5 best mayonnaise recipes

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There are many mayonnaise companies around which sell their products in a variety of flavours. Although mayonnaise can be bought from a convenience store, there are alternatives. This is because it can be homemade. People who are living on their own or families that have many young children will have a lot of fun making mayonnaise, especially as there are a variety of flavours available. Here are some of the best mayonnaise recipes around:

Traditional flavour

Along with the egg yolks of two eggs, put one crushed garlic clove, a tablespoon of powdered mustard and some black pepper into a bowl. Next, they should be mixed together. After this has been done, pick up a jug that has half a pint of groundnut oil in it. Some of the oil should be whisked in bit by bit and it is important that it isn’t poured in. This is because it can affect the final quality of the mayonnaise. Next, add a teaspoon of vinegar so that it isn’t as thick. Once the vinegar has been added, add the rest of the groundnut oil. The problem which many people experience when making mayonnaise is that they add oil too quickly. However, when it is included gradually, it won’t start to curdle.

The 5 best mayonnaise recipes


This recipe can be very spicy because cayenne pepper is a key ingredient. First, whisk the egg yolks of three eggs until they have been beaten. Next, add two teaspoons of vinegar for about thirty seconds. A tablespoon of salt should be added and also as much cayenne pepper as required. For a spicier mayonnaise, add a lot cayenne pepper. The remainder of the recipe is similar to the aforementioned because oil should then be added. A pint of vegetable oil must be in a measuring jug where it is slowly added to the mixture whilst slowly stirring. Vinegar must be added to thin the mixture and lemon juice can also be put in. This recipe can be both spicy and tangy as a result.

If time doesn’t permit, wholesale sauces can be purchased and modified accordingly.


A quarter cup of chilli paste should be added to a cup of readymade mayonnaise that is in a bowl. The juice of an entire lime should then be added along with seasoning, such as coriander and cilantro. When all ingredients are together, mix well, store in a fridge and use within three days.


Another popular recipe which can be made using wholesale sauce, it doesn’t take long to make Sriracha Mayo. Three tablespoons of mayo are put into a bowl along with a tablespoon of hot chilli sauce, such as tabasco. A quarter teaspoon of soy sauce can also be added to give it an extra flavour. As with the recipe for Sriracha Mayo, mix all of these ingredients together until they are smooth.


A great mayonnaise to drizzle over a chef’s salad, tangy mayonnaise is also made from mayonnaise which is bought from a supermarket. First, add half a cup of mayonnaise into a bowl along with half a cup of plain yoghurt. Next, put in two tablespoons of both tomato ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. A pinch of salt and pepper can also be added. Mix all ingredients together and serve when it is smooth. 

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