The best sports for women to keep fit

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With summer round the corner or if you still haven’t started your New Year’s resolution to keep fit and stay in shape now is your chance. Women’s sport whether team games or individualist have grown rapidly in recent years and are now much more widely available. Here are a few suggestions of sports for you to get involved in and keep fit.


Traditionally one of the most welcoming sports for women – go down to your local club and sign up for some lessons or organise a casual game with a friend. Head to toe, tennis is a full body workout that requires speed, agility, core strength, stamina and mental toughness; it is also a good way to get rid of your weekly stress and bring out your competitive side. Learning about the game of tennis whilst playing will open doors socially as you find new players to play against and you will also gain an insight into the sport meaning you can even win some money betting on the tennis odds for the next ATP World Tour.

images24 The best sports for women to keep fit


Exercise doesn’t have to be tedious or something you don’t enjoy doing. Dancing is a fantastic way for women of all ages to get and stay in shape as it will improve your flexibility, confidence, strength and endurance. . Taking part in private or group dance classes can improve your social life and it is not restrictive with dance classes being open to women of all shapes, age and sizes. The art of dancing also allows you to explore new cultures and music through trying new and different dance forms such as Salsa or Zumba.


In the same way that tennis is an all body workout, swimming at your local pool for 30 minutes one or two times a week can make a big difference to your health and make you feel great. Whereas with tennis and dancing it might not be convenient to take the children, with swimming you can combine your workout with spending time with your children. If you aren’t a confident swimmer you can still make use of your pool with ‘aquafit’ and other water-based fitness classes to get that body you always wanted.

Whether you want to start working out to simply get into shape, for a break from your busy schedule or for the feel good factor, make sure you keep at it and stay motivated and committed. Set yourself goals and make it a habit and soon it will slip into your daily schedule and keep things interesting by mixing it up, perhaps play tennis one week and go swimming the next.

 The best sports for women to keep fit


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