The Importance of Having Your Hearing Checked

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Being able to hear the world around you is something most people take for granted. That loud semi barreling down the road, the siren of the ambulance, a newborn baby’s cry. All simple things that are vital to recognize quickly if you are to take appropriate measures.

Hearing can be lost for numerous reasons ranging from age to injury. It is vital to know where you stand in regards to your hearing health, for if you have the knowledge that something is wrong you can get it treated and move on to a more sound-filled tomorrow.

A free hearing test for residents in South Bend has now been made available. By taking advantage of tests like these, you can determine what, if any, precautions or treatments is needed to preserve or restore your sense of hearing.  The following is what to expect during the test.

A Quiet Environment

The test requires silence, so the office where you will receive the test will be among the most peaceful areas in this bustling city.

A Simple Machine

You will be given a pair of earphones. During the course of the test, you will be asked to signal if you hear a gentle beep. This beep will come from every frequency a healthy ear can handle. None of it will be loud, so don’t be afraid of getting startled!

The test can take about ten to twenty minutes, and there is no true right or wrong answer. Everyone’s hearing is somewhat different, and the range of acceptable hearing is wide. So don’t be concerned if you don’t get every tone.

The Results

The data can be compiled within moments, since it is a simple matter of determining what tones were missed. Some doctors even give you the results before you have a chance to leave the office. There is an old joke that the only time a patient should not worry about the results unless the doctor comes in with a pad of paper and a pen.


If there is a problem with your hearing, treatment is available. Everything from a basic hearing aid, to a cochlear ear implant is possible, depending on your circumstances and desires.

Living in a world without sound is not a problem, if it is an intentional wish and appropriate measures are taken. Those measures can only be taken if you are aware of an issue, so receive your free hearing test and discover the results today.


In this day and age, keeping track of your health is one of the most vital responsibilities a person has. Hearing is something that can be lost through a variety of means, and it is vital to try to avoid those situations if at all possible.

Wear ear protection while near loud noise. Do no blare the radio of the television. Keep healthy, and exercise (a strong immune system is vital for overall health.) Finally, get a regular check up to make sure no damage has occurred without you noticing.

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