The Lemonade Diet – The Natural Method to Lose Weight

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When you search for methods to lose weight you will come across plethora of ideas and strategies. Unfortunately numerous methods will employ using synthetic and manufactured pills that are sometime hazardous to the health. Even if they do work the cost of manufacturing increases the end cost to the buyer- you. For that reason it is best that you tend to use natural methods of losing weight.


Created first in 1941, the lemonade diet is a tested and tried natural method of losing weight. It profoundly healthy for the body since it is excellent way to remove toxins from your body. But before changing your diet to lemonade it is a god idea to consult with your doctor or nutritionist. The reason is that lemonade diet and for that reason any kind of diet plan requires you to change and to adapt.

The lemonade diet consists of lemon, maple syrup and purified water. All these three things are completely natural ingredients that allow you to enjoy the benefits of the lemonade diet. There is no risk involved when you start using the lemonade diet due to its natural ingredients.

The lemonade diet can also be followed by using the pills available in the market. These pills offer you the same results as the lemonade diet that you make from natural ingredients. The only difference is the shape that is the pills and the cost that you will be paying to get them. Though these pills will work you should opt for natural diet. The reason is that all the ingredients will be available in your home easily. Only if you are quite busy with your work and other demands in your life should you rely on pills.

The lemonade diet due to its natural ingredients is quite proactive against the toxins. There are certain toxins in our body that are found there due to bodily processes. If you are not careful in removing these toxins over time you may feel acidity and other ailments. For that reason you need to start with lemonade diet. Its lemon nature allows you to get natural laxatives in your body that easily cleanse it. For that reason the lemonade diet is also known as natural master cleaner.

You can start with lemonade diet easily with two ways. The first method involved creating a mixture that will have lemon extracts with raw maple syrup. You will be drinking the lemon syrup for the next few days (preferably for three days). If you add cayenne pepper into this mixture it will complement the dieting process. Secondly you should know that you can also enjoy the benefits of lemonade diet by using lemonade two to three days everyday for one month. Here you will be eating other foods but in less amount. Also you will be gradually losing weight.

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