The Reasons why a Couple may have trouble conceiving a child

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There are many reasons why a couple may have trouble conceiving a child. Fortunately, there are changes that can be made and things that can be done to help a couple have a child. One example of a professional who can offer help to struggling couples is Dr. Sami David. Look at just a few of the reasons why a couple may have trouble conceiving a child.

CoupleThe Age of a Woman

First, a woman who is older perhaps in her late thirties and forties can have trouble becoming pregnant. Her eggs are older and may be less viable. Some women are not ready to have children until they reach their thirties or forties. They may want to focus on their career or just feel they aren’t ready to start a family. Of course, just because a woman is in her late thirties or forties doesn’t mean that she cannot become pregnant with the proper guidance from a physician who understands the physical issues of a woman that age.

Health Problems

Next, a woman with health problems may have trouble becoming pregnant. For instance, she may have issues with her reproductive organs and that has made it difficult to become pregnant. Alternatively, a man with reproductive issues may have trouble getting a woman pregnant. In short, the health status of both members of a couple contributes the chances of a couple conceiving a child.

A Stressful Lifestyle

A couple that is experiencing a great amount of stress in their lives may have trouble conceiving a child. Finances, family and jobs can all cause stress for a couple. In addition, a woman and man who are trying to conceive their first child may feel frustrated at having no success. In turn, this causes worry about whether they will be able to have a family. In some cases, when the stress is relieved or removed, a couple conceives a child in a fairly quick amount of time. A couple may simply need help dealing with the daily stresses in their lives in order to have a child. This could mean getting therapy or receiving direct guidance from a physician.

Poor Eating Habits and Medical Problems

The overall health of the woman can affect whether she becomes pregnant. If she is malnourished or has chronic medical problems she may have trouble with fertility. There are many advantages for a woman to get into the best state of health she possibly can. Eating more fruits and vegetables as well as drinking more water can only assist a woman who wants to become pregnant.

Unhealthy Habits in General

Finally, a woman’s lifestyle can cause her to have trouble becoming pregnant. For instance, a woman who smokes may have difficulty conceiving a child. Smoking hurts the lungs and causes nicotine to enter the bloodstream. These things can be disadvantages for a woman who wants to become pregnant. Also, a woman who drinks too much alcohol or consumes too much caffeine may have trouble becoming pregnant. It stands to reason that a woman with a lifestyle that includes healthful foods and healthy habits has a better chance of becoming pregnant. Limited alcohol consumption and stopping the smoking habit are beneficial to any woman whether she wants to become pregnant or not.

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