Things to Consider For Rejuvenating and Sensual Body Massage

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Romantic and erotic massage is the most intimate act that can be shared between the couple to elevate their internal bonding and love in more conventional way.  It may really set up the tone for an extraordinary, comforting and an intimate time in the enclosure of one another.  However, the thing more important and essential in this context is the absolute ambiance and the atmosphere. It is very essential to set up the atmosphere before advancing to the act and the procedure.Therefore here are some of the most essential tips and suggestions to facilitate more efficiency in the process.


Full Body Massage Enhances Sense organs

Set the Atmosphere- It is most essential to set up the context and the back ground to ensure the practicality and more functionality in the context. The room and the atmosphere should be soothing, clean, relaxing, tidy, enjoyable and welcoming. For this the bed should be properly made, the curtains should be placed in the right manner and arrangement.  And all the distraction should be eliminated and avoided considerably.

Make The Arrangement With Soft Towel- It is very much in need to make the arrangement in a bit open and large space. One can make it on the large floor or bed, but ultimately it should be covered with the soft towel to make the surface area feel firm yet soft to enhance the sensation and the act more efficient way.

  • The towel should be soft and new. It is the atmosphere and the surroundings that need to be in the perfect manner.
  • Choice of color in the aspect of towel is also very vital in the context of the setting up the mood. Therefore one needs to select the right color according to the situation, choice and preference.
  • Always one needs to keep the additional towel during the process to make necessary arrangements and facility.

Room Temperature Should Be Comfortable- One need to set up the room temperature in the comfortable zone to create more spark and zeal within. The room temperature therefore plays a very essential role in this context. The atmosphere of the room should be in cool and relaxed. This imparts more sensation and generates the mood between the couple.

Fill the Atmosphere With Soothing Track- Play the music that makes and creates that erotic and sensual atmosphere between the couple. It will help in setting up the tone and the mood to enjoy and relax in the bliss of warm body massage. One should also decorate with the scented candle to bring more esthetic feel and sensation.


Massage oil should be selected that elevates and rekindle the sensation and create that perfect atmosphere for the massage. Use of oil during the acts rekindles the sensual feelings in more specific way. However the oil should never be poured directly on the partner’s body. It should be poured into the hands of masseur and then apply it gently on the specific parts of the partners body to generate more sensation and relax the nerve tension. Accessories are also one of the very essential considerations during this act. And so one can chose the right accessories and materials during the entire massage therapy to impart more effectiveness.


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