Tips for Marketing Your Healthcare Business

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As an owner of a Healthcare related business, you know this is a unique industry. As you provide a service that varies from complete necessity – to a choice about long term investment in health – or even completely cosmetic health choices: your customers are still choosing who they’ll see when it’s time for their medical services. In this delicate world of presenting yourself to prospective customers, marketing a healthcare related business is different from other products – and in this article, we’ll explore some of the best ways to get creative, and avoid pitfalls of offending or disgusting prospective customers – take a look!


Marketing Tone: it makes a Difference

Choosing the right tone for your marketing message is challenging when it comes to healthcare. You’re facing the fact that many people don’t want to confront or face anything about their health they don’t have to – both because of the guilt they face, and the financial burden that can come with paying for healthcare costs. For these reasons, you should never use negative “see us or else” type marketing – threatening what might happen if you customers don’t choose you. Instead, use positive messaging and imagery that shows healthy people, or all ages and races that have benefitted from long-term attention to their health. Talk about the relatively low cost of keeping yourself “at the peak level of health.” Feel free to compare it to other things people waste money on every month like shopping and junk food. Also make sure to talk about the benefits of choosing your business for dentistry, fitness, family doctor services, etc. Are you nicer? Do you have less waiting times before appointments? Talk about all of these things directly!

Healthcare Marketing Materials

Even more than any other product, images play a huge part in marketing strategy. For these reasons, text emails, radio ads, and other non-descript marketing will not be as effective for your business. It’s important to get positive health images into the hands and eyeballs of your prospective customers. While you can benefit from digital marketing like display ads, you’ll probably want to avoid things like paid search keyword advertising – because of the negative connotation that goes with healthcare – these text ads will likely be ignored, unless the search was extremely relevant. On the other hand, things like direct mail print advertising with some unique coupons will have an excellent effect on your business. Consider mailing out some custom postcards to your target customer community. If you show healthy happy people, and use a message like “since we know you care about your family’s health, we made the first visit free” – you’ll see a huge surge in business.

Following up with Customers: Healthcare Retention Marketing

After you’ve given people their first annual visit – or performed a single service, you’re given the task of bringing them back in. In this scenario, you don’t want to beat a dead horse with the same marketing message again and again. Instead, use the information you have, and personalize your marketing efforts. Without getting into detail, use the first names of your customers and say something like “Dianne – since you care about your health – you came to visit us last summer – well, it’s time to come again!” Using the positive reinforcement of rewarding people who buy your products and services with praise, as opposed to scolding them with threats about what their health will suffer if they don’t come it, will in fact entice your customers to want to purchase from you again and again. Be a source of positivity and pride in their lives – and not one of shame and regret, and you’ll become the service they can’t wait to buy as often as possible!


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