Tired Teddies: Good or Bad For Kids?

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Parents know that getting your child to fall asleep can at times seem like a hopeless task. For those who have exhausted every solution, Tired Teddies is a natural sleep aid designed just for kids. This will allow your children to get the good nights sleep they have needed, in a completely safe and effective way.

Sleeping Girl

The Ingredients

One of the main ingredients of Tired Teddies is melatonin. It is a hormone already present in the body that is used to regulate the sleep cycles. This has been used in other medications to help children with:

  • Pediatric anesthesia
  • Sleep disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Neonatal care

There have been multiple studies conducted testing not only the effectiveness of melatonin, but the safety as well. Through all these studies, there have not been any major side effects found in children who have taken the medication. The only requirement is that the child must be at least two-years-old. After that, they can take it clear into adulthood to aid in their sleeping disorders.

Chamomile is a natural ingredient added that is key in relaxing the body. It is important to keep in mind that this is nowhere near the same as drugging a child because the natural herbs such as this are more beneficial than any drug, giving them elements that are healthy for them rather than toxic chemicals. Tired Teddies bring more than just their promised benefits, with Echinacea to help strengthen the immune system you get even more.

The Tired Teddies

Your child won’t have any problem taking Tired Teddies. They come in bite-sized teddy bears that are chewable, and easy to swallow. They are flavored in some of the best tastes all kids enjoy. Make sure to keep out of your child’s reach; they may think of these as delicious treats, trying to eat the entire jar.

If you aren’t sure about this product, try it on yourself first. It works for adults as well. You will see the benefits of this all-natural sleep aid the first time you use it, although you may need to eat a few extra to get the same results.

Those of us who have taken a sleep aid before know that they can be addictive. The next time we try to go to sleep without it, it may seem impossible, relying on the substance for the rest of our lives. This scenario isn’t true with the Tired Teddies. They are not harmful, or addictive.

When giving Tired Teddies to your child, do so half an hour before their bedtime. In those thirty minutes, the effects will begin to take place, and your child will fall into a relaxing natural sleep.

For those parents who have exhausted every solution to just allow your child to have a full nights sleep, consider investing in Tired Teddies. They are reasonably priced, and bring with them some of the best benefits. Instead of coaxing your child to sleep for hours, and worrying all the time, this natural solution will give your child the best nights sleep they have had in a long time.


By +Cassie Costner

Cassie writes for the top Pediatric Dentist Riverton has on solutions for kids. She has researched the benefits and disadvantages of youth medications, and how the natural solutions compare to their counterparts.


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