Top 10 Fitness Tips for Athletics in 2013

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Fitness is not static. It evolves with time and technology. The fitness routines that worked a couple of decades earlier are now obsolete. They don’t produce the desired results anymore. As a result of these changing times, the athletic-minded have to keep pace with these changes so that they don’t fall behind. In 2013, fitness enthusiasts have to go through fitness regimes that are drawn up keeping their objectives in mind, instead of training in a generalized fashion. Here are the top 10 fitness tips for wannabe athletes in 2013- You can also check triathlon coaching tips.

  • Tag Friends Along: For those who want to get into prime shape in this year, the first thing that they have to do is get some like-minded people onboard. Going through a fitness routine alone can be a very daunting and boring task. If you have other enthusiasts around you, the going gets easier and you are more motivated.
  • Have Achievable Goals: Write down your fitness objectives and stick to those goals. Fitness is rather intangible if you are not specific about what you want. Not having goals written down would also mean that you don’t realize how much progress you are making. Keep things down on paper and that will help you compare your progress.
  • Chalk out Time: For every fitness enthusiast, time is a major factor. Draw out a time schedule before you begin working out. The time schedules must be practical, not too hard to achieve and consistent with your body and how much it can take.
  • Proper Diet: No fitness routine can achieve success if it is not complemented with proper diet. Nutrition is a must for your body. Your muscles and bones will respond to fitness regimes only if you give yourself nutritious and balanced diet.
  • Take Time Off: You have to take some time off from the fitness schedule. Pencil in a day of rest in the week. This is the day when you concentrate on other aspects of life. It will help you condition your mind for the gruelling week of training coming ahead.
  •  Write it Down: Jot down the exercise routine that you are following and keep building up on that foundation. You will find it easier to stick to a specific number of exercises and fitness programs only if you have it written down. Compare your progress every week and you will feel motivated.
  • Listen to your Body: Your body is unique and what works for you may not be suitable for others and vice versa. You have to work out according to the demands of your body. Following someone else in the same gym blindly will only hurt your body.
  • Vitamins are Key: Add a vitamin supplement to your diet by consulting a doctor. It is not uncommon for your body not to get the required vitamins from the food that you eat. You will need some extra vitamins to keep your body from falling apart under the strain of workouts.
  • Drink Lots of Water: Water is ideal for your body during fitness routines. It is a serious mistake to supplement water with soda or other soft drinks. These fluids will not help your cause. If you must drink something more than water, try health drinks and energy fluids.
  • Try Different Things: Fitness routines can become monotonous for most unless you are completely motivated. For wannabe athletes, the ideal way is to keep trying out different fitness programs. Keep exploring and you will not be bored! – Above article has been contributed by Andy Stevens (F4L Coach).

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