Top 5 TV Shows to Workout To

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Top 5 TV Shows to Workout ToIt may sound surprising, but not every TV show is a good choice for a workout distraction. A session on the elliptical while dreamily viewing an episode of “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” is not the best way to burn calories. When selecting TV packages from a cable or satellite provider, consider making sure that you’ll be able to catch the following 5 shows to help you get in shape.

1.The Price is Right

This show is a classic, it’s super fun and you don’t really have to pay that much attention to know what’s going on. When someone guesses an obscenely high price on a pool table, you can really max out your cardio session by yelling at them and pushing harder. As a bonus, you may see some exercise equipment you like on the show for future purchase.

2.The Biggest Loser

This is an obvious choice. Your motivation will be right in front of you and you can even track the contestants’ progress as a means of healthy competition if that sort of thing helps with motivation. Statistically, most contestants on the show don’t keep the weight off, but as viewers we can keep “coming back” for the next season and do the whole program over again.


Suspenseful action dramas work well for exercise. Try pacing your workout with the “beats” of an episode’s storyline. The taut sense of action will keep you working intensely, and when Kiefer Sutherland starts waving a gun around, kick it into high gear. If you can’t catch this on reruns or video, opt for a similar show currently on television, but avoid anything too brainy that may distract you and slow your workout.


Opinions on plot aside, this is a good choice for a number of reasons. It works well as the television equivalent of “comfort food” by not being too involved. Most importantly, it fills the role of workout music without having to come up with a playlist. However, skip the ballads or save them for a cool down.

5.Man vs. Wild

This has a similar motivation to “The Biggest Loser.” Tap into your survival instinct with Bear Grylls to get more out of your workout. Just don’t get distracted by his choice methods of hydration.

Hopefully this gets the ball rolling on ideas for shows to workout to. If they aren’t available, ask your provider about an international plan. Get creative when it comes to pacing your workout.

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