Training for The Tour De France

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Competing in the Tour De France is not for the timid. The riders who undertake this rigorous challenge are among the most ambitious and competitive people in the world. The race is long, gruelling and demands the highest levels of endurance and physical prowess imaginable.

training Tour De France

Endurance is the word most frequently heard when training for the Tour De France. With races as long as 3,500 kilometres, riders may spend years building up their stamina.

Tour riders begin pushing themselves past pain, exhaustion, thirst and mental fatigue in moderate intervals. They begin with demanding distances and increase the length by increments until they can retain speed and strength for thousands of kilometres.

Winning the race will bring fame, a cash purse as large as €450,000 and an indomitable sense of pride and accomplishment. The small but elite group of winners is the cream of the crop in more than just athletics. Tour De France winners epitomize the rare breed of man who refuses to quit and demands the very best of himself.

What Makes a Champion?

Winning the Tour De France is largely the result of training and personal character. The race separates the weak from the strong. Only the rare persona who can push themselves to their limits and way beyond stands a chance at victory.

Consistency is the key to successful training. Riders are better off training for half an hour every day than five hours a day on the weekend. Though the latter provides more real-time over the handlebars the former is the key to accelerating cardiovascular health.

It is the rider himself that makes or breaks the race but their gear certainly plays a vital role. The best racers and all the Tour champions cruise over the finish line in the best bikes. Supreme engineering and precision craftsmanship behind bikes such as Moda bikes and Ridley bikes give competitors an undeniable edge.

Finding a Bike Built for Victory

The Tour De France is carved through a broad spectrum of European terrain. From steep mountain passes to modern urban blacktop, Tour riders will need a bike that is designed to handle all conditions. Tour bikes are not easily categorized as mountain bikes or road bikes. They are often a hybrid of the two.

Racers should train on the same bike they intend to compete with. Features like Butted titanium frames, carbon seat posts and alloy handlebars help comprise the most exquisite bikes. For one of the most difficult challenges in the world that offers life changing rewards, it is critical to have a state-of-the-art bike that is built as tough as you are.

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