Understanding the Concept of Implant Dentistry

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There have been numerous developments and advancements in the field of dentistry. Previously, when people broke or lost their teeth, they did not have any remedy for this problem. They had to spend the rest of their lives with damaged or missing teeth, which not only affected their dental health negatively, but also took a toll on their appearance. However, the technological advancement has opened new doors and given rise to the concept of implant dentistry. This form of dentistry uses dental implants for the purpose of replacing missing or broken teeth. This particular dental procedure can give back the lost beauty to people by restoring the functionality and appearance of their teeth.

implant DentistryThese days a number of people have benefitted from the use of dental implants and have eliminated a lot of worries as they have a long-lasting life. It is possible for dental implants to last for about 10 years as long as people take care and maintain them in the proper way. They do not cause any inconvenience of pain for individuals, but one problem that they may incite is that they are highly expensive, especially for individuals who are not financially solid. Another issue is that dental insurance usually doesn’t cover the cost of these implants because they are regarded as cosmetic items. Nevertheless, it can be said that because of the benefits of these dental implants, they are definitely worth the expense.

These dental implants are made by dentists with the use of titanium. This particular component possesses a number of properties that have made it ideal for being used as a raw material for dental implants. For instance, this particular metal can resist corrosion. This means that titanium will not be at the risk of rust when it is exposed to water or any other biological fluid for that matter. Furthermore, it has also been proved that titanium is a biologically compatible metal, which means that the human immune system will not reject implants made from titanium.

Thus, implant dentistry prefers to use titanium in the making of dental implants for the aforementioned reasons. Apart from that, titanium implants are also able to remain stable in the long run because of the phenomenon of osseo integration. However, titanium implants are not the only ones that are available to people as there are other materials that are also used for making them. One such option includes fibro integrated implants, but the problem is that this option is not as beneficial as osseo integrated implants.

Therefore, it is not surprising to discover that not many dentists will recommend these implants to individuals. People need to find an expert dentist who has had experience in placing dental implants. The family dentist can be consulted for recommending one who has the right skills for this procedure. Although dental implants are a bit expensive when compared to crowns and dentures, they are the best choice available for dealing with broken or lost tooth. It is dictated that only the highest quality materials should be used for implant dentistry for the best results.

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