Water Filters – Understanding Types and Other Aspects

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71Neib4M9rL._AA1500_It is impossible to think about life on earth without water. Living beings cannot survive without water; water is the elixir of lives. While water quenches thirst and keeps you alive, it can also be a source of various diseases when mixed with various contaminants like toxic release from industries, chemical substances, and microbes. It is therefore vital to ensure that the water you are drinking is free from dissolved contaminants and is fully potable.

With the high possibilities of water being contaminated, water filters are now an indispensable part of every home around the world. Also, since relying on bottled water all the times means regular expenditure, people prefer getting water filters installed and paying a one-time amount.

The practice of filtering/purifying the water is being followed since a long time. However, the traditional water filtering techniques removed only the sold impurities from the water. In today’s time you need a much sophisticated filtering system. I would not compromise on my family’s health and have long installed Awesome Water Filters at my home to provide clean drinking water to them and keep them safe from illness.

If you want to install a water filter in your home, you must know that there are different kinds of filters and each type has its own unique features and functioning. Knowing the types of filters available in the market would greatly help you make a decision on the type that best suits your home and needs.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

Popularly known as RO filters, these water purification systems are extremely versatile. RO filters are highly reliable and very useful for removing bacteria, dust and dissolved salts. The RO filters have tiny pores that prevent passing of the bacteria through water. The only drawback about RO water filter is that it can be a bit expensive, however, considering its benefits in keeping you healthy and protected from diseases it is surely worth investing in. I have a Reverse Osmosis filter at my home and I am quite happy with it knowing that my family gets the best quality water that is free from unwanted solvents.

Ceramic Filters

This is a popular type of water filter used in several homes around the world. It helps in eliminatingthe bacteria as well as the suspended particles. The ceramic filters have minute pores that are less than 0.6 micrometers. Besides, to accentuate the filtering process, these filters contain activated carbon. The main drawback of this filter is that is can only filter a few liters of water daily. Another important thing to know about this filter is that you would have to regularly clean the filter.

Ultra Violet(UV) Sterilization Filters

UV water filter is one of the most preferred ways of water purification. Often times, even after going through the filtration process carried out by the local water treatment body, the water is not 100% safe and still contains microbes. UV sterilization is a sure fire way to destroy viruses, parasites and bacteria present in the water and thereby making safe for consumption. It also kills protozoa, and other harmful microorganisms present in the water making it fit to be consumed by human beings

Faucet Filters

As the name itself suggest, it is a kind of water filter that is installed over the faucet. This filter immediately initiates the filtration process as the water flowing from the tap is moved through a block of activated carbon. Some high-end models of faucet filters have an indicator to let users know that it is time to change the filter.

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