Wear Micro Pave Band and Halo Rings to Look More Beautiful

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A beautiful wedding band or an engagement ring is the dream of every girl. But, because styles change every season, it becomes difficult to choose a ring that compliments your personality even many years from now. Because, halo rings are consistent in their style and brilliance, they are highly popular. Brides and Grooms find the halo style as everlasting classic choice they can keep for a lifetime. To know more about them, read on!

Should you want a diamond ring that matches your personality and catches everyone’s eye with its brilliance and outstanding luster, halo ring is the most ideal choice. Depending on your likes, the design may vary, but the essence remains the same, perfectly embedded in the core.

What Is A Halo Style Engagement Ring?

A Halo style engagement ring is a special kind of diamond product that features various tiny diamonds beautifully encircling the center stone. The ring is widely known for its extraordinary brilliance and sparkle. The small diamonds add shine and attraction to the ring and increase its core value. Available in various designs, the ring is reasonably priced and can be customized. The ‘halo effect’ that this ring generates due to bordering of the central stone (with small diamonds) earns it a unique name in the jewelry industry.

Halo engagement rings worn along with a micro pave wedding band (tiny diamonds positioned around a central diamond on a base metal plate) can enhances your personality in many ways.

Popular Designs

A regular halo style engagement ring possesses a massive stone in the center and small sized diamonds surround it, minimizing the visible area of metal surface. This setting uses little prongs to hold the set-up tightly together.  A micro pave wedding band differs in the size of diamonds used from the regular halo ring.


The popular settings and designs of halo rings include:

1. Pave set antique design ring

Pave set antique design ring

2. Antique split shank

Antique split shank

3. Spherical halo ring

Spherical halo ring

 4. Cut diamond ring

Cut diamond ring

5. Pave halo engagement ring

Pave halo engagement ring

As halo rings can be customized easily, you have a say in the use of base metal type, design, and diamonds.

The deciding aspect of halo rings and wedding bands lies in the way diamonds embedded in them are positioned around the central stone. The final finishing of the diamonds also matter considerably.

You can also order loose diamonds as from other retailer and order the manufacturer to employ them during the set-up of your ring – this lends the ring a more personal touch.

A wedding band that employs white or silver gold as the base metal is considered more attractive and precious. You should always look into the finishing aspect of the tiny diamonds which are to be placed around the center stone as they are the ones which provide deciding charm to the band.

Where to Buy?

Presently, there are several online stores that provide good quality halo rings but you must make sure about the credibility of the retailer and check for his certification before placing a deal. In case you are purchasing from a jewelry shop, then make sure you check for the carat, weight, cut, size and guarantee. Rarely, anyone sells gems and jewelry without a guarantee period now days.

The price of ring varies in accordance with its design and the size of diamonds used. More crafty and complex the design, the costlier is the ring.

There are numerous trendy designs available in the market at affordable rates, but you should only go with a retailer that provides complete assistance and guidance during the purchase. Also, you can browse the web and search for reviews before shopping from a given online jewelry retailer.

Author Bio: This article is written by Steve Moskowitz, a writer and author for Kobemarkdiamonds.com. Hope this article would give you satisfying information about looking more beautiful using diamonds. If you have any questions regarding this visit our official website or like us on our facebook page to get daily updates.

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