What 6 Traits Makes a Quality Nurse?

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1Nurses will always be in demand. These are the men and women who embody patient care. From the moment one is checked in to a hospital or care office, a nurse leads the way. From the vitals to the myriad of answers which they provide, a top notch nurse will be a patient’s guide. 

In any profession it has been said that “good people are hard to find.” This holds true for nurses, as well. Whether you are looking to hire a team of nurses, or looking to become a nurse yourself certain traits of top performers pop out. To help narrow the playing field, here are six top traits of quality nurses.

Great Communication Skills

Nurses need to convey information. As they are often the middlemen between the patient and the doctor, a nurse needs to know how to relay the facts. To the doctor this may be more straight forward speaking to vital signs and medical history. Whereas to the patient this will be in more common terms, breaking down what is happening, pulling out information about the reason for the visit. A good communicator will know how to talk to a myriad of people in the most efficient way.

Attention to Detail

A nurse records much information during the course of his or her shift. Well trained nurses will know all the shorthand to help make filing paperwork more efficient. Additionally, quality nurses will review everything. A wrong number or transposed letters can cause serious complications. Thus, a nurse uses their scrubs to capacity.


Nursing is not easy. This profession can take a toll on a person both physically and emotionally. From lifting people off of tables and out of wheelchairs to lifting an emotional burden a nurse’s day is a long one. Quality nurses will be the ones who are fit and have the energy to get through the day on a positive note. Those with hobbies, such as golf, yoga or hiking, are often ready physically and have an outlet emotionally.

Always With an Answer

A nurse multitasks throughout the day. This requires them to be quick on their feet, good problem solvers and always at the ready. In health care you never know what will happen. From insurance demands to hard to treat patients a day has many twists and turns and a good nurse will be at the ready for everything which comes along.


A good nurse can read people. Knowing when a patient is uncomfortable, knowing when they are hiding something and knowing how to determine little clues helps a nurse in their task of making people better.


Perhaps it is the combination of these last two which make great nurses. Relating to people and knowing when they need a little bit of emotional as well as medical support can make nurses the go to person for the patient. A good nurse is not just checking blood pressure but building patient trust. From a routine physical to a radiation treatment, a patient needs to know that they have someone they can count on.

Traits of Quality Nurses

From being there physically and emotionally for a patient to examining every detail of a condition and of paperwork, a nurse has a lot going on in a day. A good nurse can make this look easy.

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