What Is EHR And What Are Its Benefits?

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The EHR is a short form of Electronic Health Records. You can judge from its name that this is a digital data of patient’s history so that the patient’s entire history can be easily accessed by the doctor any time without bothering patient for gathering and carrying too many documents to the doctor. It helps patient and doctor and makes the diagnoses convenient for both of them. This is a type of patient centered real time records which could be updated or viewed quickly by the authorized users to keep the medical data safe and secure. It helps a patient to keep their medical documents safe for long time which is really very hard in the paper based documents because there are so many problems with the paper documents. The paper documents can be destroyed, or they will damage after the certain period of time but the digital data would not be affected by the time or situations.

The EHR systems have been developed and designed for the purposes of data collection and information viewing so it makes clinical data viewable anytime according to your need so that the diagnosis could be accurate and quick by this. This is not just a system which assists in documentation, today, it has become a part of modern medical tasks and it makes things simpler and more perfect than the manual works. It does not depends on any human for management or maintenance which is one of the most important and adorable benefit of it and the Electronic Health Records possesses the ability of keeping the patient’s data safe for long time and the data can be searched and saved in the variety of methods which makes it easy to understand and easy or quick to handle for doctors.

The data that could be recorded in the Electronic Health Records are:

  • Radiology images
  • Medical history of a patient
  • Time to time Diagnoses
  • Treatment plans and suggestions
  • Medications
  • Dates of Immunization
  • Allergies
  • All the test results

The patient can provide the access to the doctors to view their health documents according to their requirements and this makes this service safer for patients. And if you don’t want to share the health documents with any specific doctor or person then you can prevent the sharing so that your data could not be accessed again by specific user. The user oriented system of EHR makes it simple and trust worthy. And, most important feature of Electronic Health Records is the creation and management of health information only by the authorized peoples. This will help you to keep updated virtual records and to update your records easily. The Electronic Health Records are capable to offer you multiple sharing which means you can share your digital format health documents with more than one health organization or hospital.

The Electronic Health Records have been developed especially for the purpose of digital data conveniences and that is why the data stored in the Electronic Health Records could be easily shared with the medical imaging facilities, laboratories, pharmacies, specialists, school, workplace clinics or emergency facilities. They all can access the patient’s history anytime for better judging and diagnosis if the patient wants to grant access to his Electronic Health Records. The effectiveness and usefulness of the Electronic Health Records makes it one of the most preferable options for patients as well as for professional doctors, clinics, hospitals and other medical organizations which make it popular all around the world.

Author bio: Kalpana is a health expert who works as a professional nurse in a reputed hospital. She also writes in her free time and has reviewed about the pain management software in her blog recently. You may check more on her blog to know about her and her life.

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