What Is It that Makes the HCG Diet so Effective?

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The HCG diet for weight loss has been a controversial topic for debate in recent years. It all started when the newly released treatment for excessive fat delivered astonishing results in a short period of time, but the side effects were just too obvious to ignore – and possibly very harmful. Also, the pairing with a diet that’s very low in calories has raised much suspicion among dietitians and not only. The HCG supplements are back on the market, but is it an improvement this time or is it a new attempt to trick the almost hopeless ones?

Five Things To Consider When Choosing a Surgeon

The Role of HCG

HCG has been, in the meanwhile, a well researched treatment option. The human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone produced by the body only during pregnancy. Its role is to ensure that all the nutrients found in the mother’s body are not serving only her, but also the baby. Thus, it dislocates important quantities of stored fat to be used by the fetus. Researchers have concluded that the hormone would do the same when supplemented to a non-pregnant person who has excessive weight issues. However, in that case the fat would simply be eliminated and, due to the hormonal activity, the fat intake would plummet. Thus, one could successfully start fighting obesity, when exercise would simply be impossible to commit to.

The Great Advantage of HCG Weight Loss

The new HCG products are now safer than those of the past. HCG has also been used in fertility treatments. Albert T. W. Simeons, endocrinologist, paired the hormone with a very low calorie diet – under 500 calories. He has observed that, with a low intake of caloric food, in the presence of HCG the body wouldn’t use up its muscular tissue, like it would normally happen. There have been some over-the-counter diets and supplements out there that lead to spectacular drops, but in those cases not only fat, but also muscle would be vanished. This is a highly undesirable result. The HCG hormone, however, leaves the muscles untouched and acts only upon the adipose tissue.

Why You Need HCG Supplementation to Lose Fat

Using prescription drops/pellets or injection is the only way to introduce into one’s system a hormone that is naturally produced. Apart from this situation, there is no HCG produced within the body. The hormone’s amazing effects were observed on pregnant women, whose bodies would use the stored fat in a very efficient way. The body is not programmed to harm itself during pregnancy, on the contrary. It is made to use its resources wisely. HCG as part of a diet has also been proven to reduce hunger, which would lead to a more decent food intake. Thus, the calorie restrictive diet is not one that creates discomfort, but is rather easily tolerated.


HCG is connected to very low calorie diets. This means that the consumer can experience malnutrition due to inappropriate nutrient levels. For this reason it is vital to get educated on correct food intake that contains the whole spectrum of needed nutrients. With much of our food being already quite poor, supplementing with vitamins and minerals is required. Switch to nourishing natural foods and replace the carbohydrates with protein. Also, make sure you get a true HCG product. Some brands are deceiving and use obscure compounds in their products, which only have a bare trace of the active hormone. Unfortunately, fraudulent products are a reality of the market and have given a bad name to the HCG diet. Additionally, one should never purchase the hormone-free versions of the product, which are only a mix of free amino-acids.

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Susan White is a fitness coach offering expert advice on how to avoid weight loss traps. Her knowledge is also shared for people who buy HCG treatments to counter-attack obesity and bad eating habits.

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