What Options You Have for Better Vitamin D Supplement?

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Vitamin D has long been known to help protect our health in a number of ways, such as lowering our cancer risk, our chance of developing heart disease, and helping keep our bones in strong and healthy. The amount of information that comes out about the benefits of this vitamin seem to grow by the day, but how much you benefit from those tablets relies heavily on their quality. To make sure that you’re picking the very best supplement for your budget, start by:

Vitamin D SupplementResearching Brands
No matter where you’re purchasing your supplement from, you’ll be selecting from a variety of brands that seemingly offer the very same supplement. Truth be told, the quality of the supplement offered by a specific company can vastly differ from one another. When researching brands, consider:

• Their past history in the supplement and pharmaceutical industry
• Whether or not they’ve had any vitamin D recalls in the past
• What their processes are in creating the supplement

Researching Your D Vitamin

Unknown to many consumers, there are actually two types of D vitamin supplements that you may find on the market:

Vitamin D2: Also known as ergocalciferol, it’s often added to foods and is used for some supplements
Vitamin D3: Also known as cholecalciferol, this is the preferred type as it is the same as the D vitamin that our bodies manufacture when exposed to the sun

Researching the Dosage
Keep in mind that most recommended dosages are based on individuals who weigh around 140-150lbs, and adjust accordingly. For the D vitamin, most experts recommend up to 2,000 IU per day for healthy adults (though it’s always best to consult your doctor before deciding to take vitamin D tablets). Some tablets will be 500, 600, 1000 IU or more, which will also affect how much you spend on your supplements.

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