What To Do If Your Significant Other Has No Fashion Sense

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Fashion SenseYou have found the guy of your dreams. Congratulations, you have achieved the one thing that everyone wants to attain. But there’s a catch: he has no fashion sense. What a tragedy. This takes some deliberation. There is a lot you can do with a less than stylish significant other.


1. Subscribe to a Men’s Fashion Magazine


If you have a good library, you don’t even have to subscribe. Start with Details, GQ, or Men’s Vogue. Just grab a stack and start taking pictures of what interests you both. Look at the clothes as well as the accessories. Also look at the situations that the models are in. Find some ads or spreads that your man can relate to. This will make him more likely want to dress better. You can also use the magazines to explore what colors looks best with his eyes and skin tone.


2. Budget for Clothes


It can take time to get his style just right. It has to be a perfect balance between what you like and what he likes. And it’s going to take some money. Get together to plan a budget for a new wardrobe. Get a temp job, go out to dinner one less time this month. Find a way to get that green for the new garments.


3. Go On Vacation


Just getting into a new setting can help your man shake his fashion sense out. Routine can stunt our growth as fashionable citizens. So pack a small suitcase and head out for the weekend. Go somewhere you both want to go, warm or cold. Notice what he packs, and help him if he needs it.


4. Go Shopping!


This doesn’t have to be complicated. Use your magazine clips to research stores online. Start with www.reemclothing.com/Mens-Clothing/Reem-Floral-Skull-T-Shirt-Grey.html to discover styles that you both like. There is no pressure when you are shopping online. It’s easier to say what you like and don’t like when a model is wearing the clothes. Then go window shopping. If you are interesting in something, be sure to try it on in as many colors as possible. Pay attention and choose fabrics that are easy to maintain. Just don’t fall into the trap of wanting to match each other. You are helping him with his style, but it is still his style. It has to come naturally to him. He has to enjoy it.

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