Where To Buy Breastfeeding Bras

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If you are breastfeeding your child, then you will find it a lot easier to get a specialist breastfeeding bra. These will give you the support you need and provide a place to put a pad in case any milk leeks between feeds. They will also have a clip that undoes easily so that you can get your breast out for feeding when necessary. However, it can be difficult to find these types of bras. The bras can also be expensive and so you may want to look in less conventional places for them.

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Specialist Baby Shops

There are some shops that specialise in selling items for babies. Some of these focus only on the baby, but there are some that also focus on the mother as well. These may have a selection of feeding bras that you can choose from.

Maternity Clothing Shops

Shops that sell maternity clothing tend to have bras and tops that you can wear when you are pregnant and then also use for feeding afterwards. These can be useful because you get more wear out of them as you wear them during pregnancy and afterwards. However, if they are designed for maternity, then they may not be such a good fit once you have given birth.

Second Hand Clothing Sites

If you would rather save some money, then you may be able to buy some breastfeeding bras from Internet sites that sell second hand clothing. You may find some high street shops that sell second hand clothing that may have some as well, although it can be rare for them to have underwear.

Online Auction Sites

You may find that there are some online auction sites where you can buy clothing, including breast feeding bras quite cheaply. You will find that you can choose between new and second hand ones and the second hand will generally be cheaper. You may not feel happy about wearing clothing that someone else has worn, especially underwear, but that depends on your thoughts.

Friends / Relatives

You may find that friends or relatives may be able to pass on breast feeding bras that they have finished with. However, you will only be able to use them if you are the same size as them. If you can get them, you may even be able to get them for free.

So whether you can afford to buy new or are looking for cheaper options, you will find that you can find breastfeeding bras for sale in a number of places. Some shops will not sell them, but some that have underwear for women may do. You may be more likely to find something at a specialist maternity shop. If you want cheaper options you are likely to find something on an online auction website. You may find new items at lower prices as well as second hand ones. You may have reservations about buying second hand ones and decide to look for the cheapest new ones that you can find. It may take some research but there are plenty of options.

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