Who Should Wear Medical ID Bracelets?

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Have you ever considered wearing a medical ID bracelet? Many people incorrectly feel that doing so will bring unwanted attention to themselves or to their diagnosis. The bottom line is that wearing this type of identification can one day, possibly save your life. If you have been recently diagnosed with a medical condition, then you should seriously consider using a bracelet. It can lead to a quicker diagnosis of your condition and faster, more effective treatment, especially in the event that you become incapacitated or cannot communicate. There are a number of people with a variety of conditions that can benefit from wearing such medical identification jewelry.

Wear Medical ID BraceletsPeople With Diabetes:

If you have diabetes, seriously consider wearing a medical ID bracelet. Diabetes can be a difficult condition to control and treat. If you  have an emergency, your problem needs to be corrected quickly in order to save your life. However, in many cases, such a condition could resemble something else like aggression or even intoxication, leading to a completely incorrect treatment. Instead, wear your alert bracelet and have all medics, nurses, and doctors ( even people around you in the case of an unexpected emergency) instantly know what the problem is, saving critical time.

People With Food & Drug Allergies:

Perhaps you are allergic to something like penicillin (this is one of my conditions). Wearing a medical identification bracelet can certainly alert paramedics and doctors to this problem quickly. This can avoid them giving you one of the most common forms of antibiotics or other ‘helpful’ drugs. This should be especially true if you are allergic to any of the more commonly used drugs.

Food allergies are another problem that should almost demand wearing such a bracelet. Obviously, you know what not eat if you have this type of condition. Still, it is always possible that a new type of food is prepared in a different way and some of the items you were allergic to are included. Having the bracelet can help save your life.

 Children With Medical Conditions & Allergies:

Many times, we neglect to consider using medical alert bracelets for children. However, the simple fact of the matter is that you might not always be there to speak for the child. They may be too young to really understand their condition, whether this is a food, drug allergy or other medical issue. Having the bracelet means that the medics and you do not need to be  present in order to speak. Additionally, if this is something that the child will need to deal with their whole life, then it is much easier to get them used to the idea of wearing such identification while they are still young.

 Patients With Memory Issues:

Sadly, elderly patients may develop memory problems.  This is simply due to old age or conditions like Alzheimer’s. Wearing a medical alert bracelet can be truly life-saving to many elderly folks. This is an easy way to ensure that even should their memory failure, the medic, nurse, or doctor treating them will understand the best course of action to take.

Another great aspect about who should wear medical id bracelets is that it encourages discussion. Many people today still have not heard about these life-saving tools. Spreading the word can be a great service to society. Additionally, isn’t it always better to be safe than sorry? As the old saying goes, you will not regret having one, but you might regret NOT having one.

Written by Chris Morgan at Sticky Jewelry.

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