Why Go for All on Four Implants

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Often traditional dental implants do not suit the patients. The reasons might either be the fact that this process is too time consuming or because the patient lacks sufficient bone mass. This makes the available alternative a popular option amongst many people. All on four implants is a quicker and easier way of replacing a complete set of teeth, of either of the jaws. However, before zeroing upon any kind of decision, one would need to have a word with his dentist.

Five Things To Consider When Choosing a Surgeon

Any kind of treatment should not be started without the prescription of the concerned medical practitioner and same is the case with all on four implants. The dentist, who has been examining your case for long, must be asked whether you really need this treatment. During this time, the dentist will conduct certain tests upon your teeth and gums. The need of any extraction or any kind of preparatory business will be analyzed. The elimination of gum infections, if any, is very important. You might also need to sit for X-ray imaging of your teeth.

While the treatment starts, four implants will be placed inside the mouth of the patient and completely tailored, non-removable prosthetics bridge would be attached to them. While conventional implants, take quite a long time, say some months, to get over, all on four implant processes are completed in a single appointment itself. Also, the conventional methods are painful and might need expensive bone grafting treatments, if the bone mass is not sufficient. Because this process gets over in a single appointment, it is often referred to as the same day implants.

A Few Words about the Benefits of All on Four Implants

Individuals suffering extensive tooth loss or edentulism, will be highly benefitted by all on four implants. This process is a permanent solution for this problem, as one gets a completely new set of pearl white teeth, which will accompany him throughout his life.

Several patients do not wish to use dentures in their teeth, as they lead to irritation, discomfort, pain etc. Some might as well be embarrassed. All on four implants completely eradicate the need for dentures.

Some very obvious benefits of this treatment are as follows,

  1. A new set of completely restored teeth
  2. The new set looks better and hence there is an obvious improvement in the appearance
  3. Comfortable within the mouth
  4. One would not have to bother about removing these while going to bed, at night
  5. The results yielded are long lasting
  6. You can start devouring the delicious dishes you could not have for long
  7. No speech problem is created
  8. One’s self esteem as well as confidence is boosted
  9. One becomes the owner of a great smile.
  10. Messy adhesives can be done away with
  11. Lastly, there is no need to invest upon any kind of denture products (which are generally expensive)

Therefore, irrespective of whether you are looking for a partial or a complete restoration of your teeth, all on four implants is the option that you should go for. This is because they are easy, affordable and better looking.

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