Why Is Testosterone Useful When Trying To Lose Weight?

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Testosterone and Body Fat

Body fat contains an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen, which is the main sex hormone in women. As a result, the body of a man who is low in testosterone will get curve shapes which is something we all know you don’t want.  Even more, having more estrogen in the system will cause the body to slow its production in testosterone. And the less testosterone the body has the more fat it will accumulate and of course, the more estrogen hormones the body will produce. A study of NERI (the New England Research Institute) showed how a man’s waist circumference is the strongest predictor for low testosterone levels which is connected to a low libido, erectile dysfunction, depression and reduced physical performance. If you are a middle aged man and have these symptoms it is very possible that it’s due to low testosterone levels.

These are just a few reasons that bring me to the advice I have for you to buy right now testosterone cream for men and testosterone gel, in order to balance your testosterone level.

Testosterone levels in the body diminish with age, this being one of the reasons why middle aged men tend to gain weight and muscle mass. And we come in help of those in need of losing weight by offering you our testosterone supplements (testosterone cream and testosterone gel).

According to research done at the JeanMayerUSDAHumanNutritionResearchCenter shows that muscle mass begins to go down about 1 percent starting with age 31. However, after 10 years men with higher testosterone levels lose less muscle mass than men with low levels. This is where we can help with our testosterone supplement creams (testosterone cream and testosterone gel) so that we help you in your weight loss program.

It has been also shown that the testosterone hormone helps in burning fats as well as reducing the fat storage in the body. Besides, it also helps with an increased energy level and libido. Why is this helpful? Well imagine you are overweight and try to lose weight by going to the gym. If you’re low on testosterone, you may find it hard to have enough energy to complete your exercise regime. While if you buy testosterone cream for men and testosterone gel and use it as recommended daily, your energy levels will be higher and you will be able to exercise better. The hormone will also help your body transform fat into muscle and reduce fat storage.

It has been also shown that elevated testosterone levels induces muscle growth, reduces blood pressure and fatigue and in order to obtain these all you have to do is to buy testosterone cream and testosterone gel online right now, so that you have what it takes to go to the gym and get fit and have a better life.

Low testosterone levels have also been associated with obesity and restoring them has an important effect in your weight loss program. So that it has been proved that restoring low testosterone levels to normal in older, overweight or obese men resulted in important weight loss and other health benefits like increased energy levels, reduced blood pressure and reduced prostate cancer risk. The study also determined how restoring testosterone levels also restored the body mass index from obese to overweight. The subjects also showed an improvement to other metabolic indicators such as a drop of the “bad” cholesterol, triglycerides and of the average blood glucose. As well, it has been observed to cause a decrease in the blood pressure. These being said, it should be enough reason for you to buy topical testosterone.

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