Why One Has to Undergo Revision Hip Replacement?

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Have you undergone hip replacement surgery few months ago? Are you wondering what went wrong in your hip as you were very happy , when suddenly you are feeling a little uncomfortable while going about your daily chores? If you are,then there is a need to consult your doctor or surgeon regarding this matter.


Remember, since this type of surgery involves an artificial hip joint to be inserted into your body, there is wear and tear of that artificial hip joint after a few years. Since anything artificial cannot last forever, there is a need to get  a surgery revision 15-20 years after the first total hip surgery has been performed. However, in some rare cases, one may have to go for revision hip replacement sooner than the expected time. This may happen due to reasons  such as:

-The screw in the artificial hip joint loosens up.

– Many  times, the area where the surgery has been done gets infected due to improper lifestyle.

-Sometimes problems like dislocation of the artificial hip joint, which has been implanted within the hip, can also be a cause of intense pain for some patients.

– Sometimes a  fall or involvement in vehicular accidents or even a minor slip can lead to the artificial hip joint being loosened up or slightly dislocated.

If you are one such individual, it is always advisable to consult  a doctor to find out the reason for your problem. Once the doctor examines and finds out the exact cause of your pain, he may recommend you to go for revision total hip replacement so that you get back to a normal life once again.

What is the right way to know whether you need to undergo such a surgery ?

-You can approach the doctor or surgeon with the past surgery records. This would help the surgeon to know all about your medical history, body type and lifestyle.

– You should have  some recommended tests by the surgeon,  to know the exact reason of the hip pain and go for the revision surgery, if required.

-The doctor will explain in detail why this type of surgery is good for you. They  will also give you proper advice and clear all your doubts regarding revision total hip replacement.

If you are an active individual and have quite a busy schedule at work and at home, undergoing such a surgery will give a restart to your daily life soon. I If you take proper care and ensure that your body has had ample rest post-surgery, you will be able to recover quickly and steadily. Even though your physiotherapist will ensure that you are on the right track  to recovery, you too must have a positive mind set  and pay attention to the advice given to you. Will all instructions and restrictions followed strictly, you would be able to stand upon your feet independently very soon.

The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as medical care or medical advice and is not a replacement for medical care given by your physicians or trained medical personnel.

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