Why you should use amber to help with your baby’s teething

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One of the hardest times in the life of a parent is dealing with a child that is cutting teeth. If you are a first time parent, there are so many different ways that people tell you to deal with teething, and not all of them work for every family. You have to find a method that works for you and for your child, because teething is an uncomfortable and painful process for both of you to go through. While it physically is uncomfortable for the child, the parent is hurt because they are sitting back with no solution on how they can help their child get through this.

What are some different ways amber can help?

  • Helps stop teething pain

    • Amber is known to be able to help alleviate the pain that your child is experiencing due to the new teeth coming in. Unlike other products on the market, amber also helps soothe teething pain.


  • Helps improve your immune system

    • Natural vitamins within amber have been shown to have qualities that can improve your immune system, so by using amber products to help your child get through teething, you are also keeping his or her immune system ready for anything that may come along.

  • Provides pain relief without the use of medication

    • Teething causes a great amount of pain, and that can mean a lot of crying from your child. This crying leads them to having body aches, and the teething can even lead to headaches. Most of the time this scenario will end up in giving your child a children’s pain relief product. If you are using amber for them to go through teething, you will be offering them this pain relief solution without having to give them medication.

What are some different products that I can buy?

  • Teething Beads

    • Teething beads are much like the necklaces, but they are not in a necklace format. These beads can be used to make various types of jewelry for teething.

  • Teething Necklaces

    • Teething necklaces, such as the baltic amber teething necklace, are always around your child’s neck, doing their work as they wear them. The necklaces are made up of bits of amber.

  • Traditional Teething Rings

    • The most commonly used product in the past has been the traditional teething ring, which is usually made of some kind of plastic material. They can vary in terms of how hard they are as well.

  • Teething Tablets or Orajel

    • For those times when the pain can be unbearable, you can buy over the counter Baby Orajel or teething tablets to help get through the times that other products just don’t work.

Deciding what to use to give your child some relief is a decision that needs to be well thought out but also needs to be made as quickly as possible so that your child is not going through any pain. Buying over the counter traditional teething products just don’t offer the same benefits of using amber. By using an amber teething product such as a baltic amber teething necklace, you can sleep better at night knowing that you gave your baby some relief from teething in an all natural way. In the long run, it’s a winning scenario for both of you!

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