Yes, You Can: Financing Surgical Eye Correction

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Whether you have been considering laser eye surgery your whole life or have only recently learned that it is an option for you, the cost can seem intimidating at first. You probably expect it to cost thousands of pounds, but the cost actually depends on a few factors. There are ways of financing surgical eye correction that don’t involve saving up for years.

Here are some tips to help you afford the cost of eye surgery.

Check with insurance first.

Few people with private insurance plans are covered, but if you’re one of the lucky few, it pays to find out. The NHS currently doesn’t finance laser eye surgery, nor do they plan to, but some private plans may cover it. Check both your plan and any others you may be covered by, including your parents’ or your spouse’s plan.

Look for providers without hidden costs.

Some eye surgery clinics offer an appealing price upfront but hide fees in the small print. When you’re looking at price charts, check to see whether the prices are all-inclusive or if there are other fees and charges that might apply. Fixed prices are also a good sign, though some providers are flexible on them depending on your payment method. Don’t go for a provider who bases the cost on your prescription.

Research the cost of different options.

Some laser eye surgery options are less expensive than others. While you don’t want to go for a cheap option just because it’s cheap, if money is a very important factor, it makes sense to look at lower-cost options. For example, if you’re really worried about the cost of laser eye surgery, you could look at LASEK surgery, instead of LASIK IntraLase surgery, to save a little extra money.

Go to a free consultation first.

You shouldn’t have to pay for an initial consultation at an eye surgery clinic. In the initial consultation, you can make sure you are a good fit for the price option you choose and ask any questions you may have about the risk, recovery process, and how the surgery works. You can save money by avoiding going to clinics that charge you initial fees.
Look up payment plans.

If you have a good credit rating, you may be able to pay via payment plan over 6 to 36 months. This is a great option if you know you will have steady income for the next few years but can’t get the money you need for the surgery upfront. Some plans offer you 0 per cent APR for the first few months, which will help save the pennies when it comes to interest rates.

These are a few of your options for financing a laser eye surgery operation. Don’t let yourself hold back on changing your life because you think you can’t afford it. Laser eye surgery is less expensive than you probably think it is, and with payment plans and price-matching options, you may be able to reduce this price even further.


Leonardo Dawson is a retired bookkeeper who recently had his vision corrected via laser surgery. Always looking out for ways to make life more affordable for everyone, he enjoys writing about saving money.

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